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Obama Opens NSA’s Vast Trove of Warrantless Data to Entire Intelligence Community, Just in Time for Trump

WEB Notes: Imagine that. So they admit it is illegal for the NSA to have this data to begin with and then they tell us they have new rules that will allow them to share the illegally captured information with other government entities.

Now who is the paranoid one here? Americans who want to retain their privacy or the government who breaks its own laws to capture information about you? Make note of all these last minute changes obama has been making. If trump does not agree with these moves he will undue them which I highly doubt.

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The FBI Is Apparently Paying Geek Squad Members To Dig Around In Computers For Evidence Of Criminal Activity

WEB Notes: The FBI now has informants working for the Geek Squad, what will they come up with next? This news along with the news about Congress passing new rules for members to hide records from the public show how bold and arrogant the government has become in violating your rights.

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How Globalists Predict Your Behavior

WEB Notes: We have discussed this subject in the past. Think about all of the data that is entered via search engines, social media, etc and recall the Fusion Centers the government has. All of this data is not sitting idle. Advertisers kill for this kind of data, so imagine what the government is doing with it. Think about the possibilities.

The media can put out a story and instantly people will hit search engines and the various social media platforms and all of that data can certainly be collected and analyzed. They could in theory see how the people are reacting to their narrative painted in the mainstream. We could really write an entire post on this subject.

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Pentagon successfully tests micro-drone swarm

WEB Notes: The rate at which technology is accelerating is unprecedented in world history. With each advancement the next advancement becomes that much more of a leap forward.

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Twitter sued by families of ISIS victims from France, Belgium attacks

WEB Notes: I have found this whole concept of “ISIS” using social media to be a joke. We should all know at this point ISIS is a proxy front for the Global Powers we discussed in Chapter 1 of The Timeline of the Tribulation. This is the reason why “ISIS” can use social media, to keep the fear going. If they were legitimate and a threat to the globalists they would have been shut down long ago. We constantly hear of people being banned from social media platforms over things they post, but the world’s most “feared” terror organization gets pass.

On a separate note I read about another Facebook live stream event. This time someone was kidnapped. We are not going to post that to glorify the crime. If the media keeps doing that this will happen more and more.

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2017 Tech Trends: ‘A Major Bank Will Fail’, Technology Will Take More Jobs

WEB Notes: A major bank will fail due to a cyber attack this man claims. These are seeds of discord being sown. Just because the internet goes down a bank will collapse? Only if the people are persuaded to pull their money from the system. Easier yet, if the mainstream media tells you the bank has collapsed, you will believe it has collapsed. We face a very interesting year.

This article also discussed automation and how it will affect out jobs. Once again we hear for calls of “some sort of living standard or basic income for people.” The children of Satan are not going to support you. Maybe for awhile to get things in order, but this will not last. Their goal is to have a global population of 500 million people or less. We are literally seeing the world setup for the next stage.

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Data dump yields little on how FBI hacked iPhone

WEB Notes: How on earth could anyone be surprised or wonder how they can hack anything in the digital age? The CIA has admitted they can listen to you even when your cell phone is off.

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Bitcoin tanks more than 20% in four hours this morning after two-week tear

WEB Notes: Some people think Bit-coin is some great alternative to the currency of governments. The fact remains bit-coin is backed by nothing. It only has value because someone says it does. I would not throw more than you are willing to lose at this.

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Instagram ‘tricks children into signing away privacy’: Youngsters are agreeing to ‘hidden clauses’ that allow pictures they share to be bought and sold

Social media giants were yesterday accused of bamboozling children into signing away their privacy.Youngsters desperate to get online agree to ‘hidden clauses’ that allow pictures they share with friends to be bought and sold, said a major report.

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Daisy Duke hot pants that replace sat-nav by vibrating body when you need to turn

WEB Notes: Just plain creepy.

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Amazon’s robot army has grown by 50% – Video

Amazon Echo involvement in murder case a reminder of how much our gadgets know about us

In the Arkansas case, the cops didn’t trigger Echo to listen. But they want to know what it might have picked up.

They showed up after a resident, James A. Bates, called 911 and said that he’d awakened after a night of drinking and found the body of his friend Victor Collins floating in the backyard hot tub. Police ultimately launched a homicide investigation and suspected some clues might have been inadvertently gathered by the “Internet of things” — gadgets such as a Nest smart thermostat, a smart water meter, a Honeywell alarm system and Bates’ Amazon Echo.

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U.S. Government Prepares To Disclose Number Of Americans Under Surveillance

Source: Activist Post by Derrick Broze – As early as a January 2017, the U.S. intelligence community will release an estimate of the number of Americans who are subject to digital surveillance programs.

According to the National Intelligence Director, the National Security Agency is preparing to release data on how many Americans have become victims of the growing U.S. Surveillance State. The plan was first reported on by Reuters after the news agency viewed a copy of a letter sent by U.S. lawmakers to the office of the National Intelligence Director.

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Amazon Echo Saves All Your Voice Data, Police Are Now Accessing It, Here’s How To Hear And Delete It

Amazon’s Echo built upon the voice search capability of Android’s ‘Ok Google’ and Apple’s Siri and turned it into a device that is capable of doing everything from answering questions to turning on your on your air conditioner. However, like all beneficial technology, when the government gets involved, this useful household item is converted into a spying machine for the surveillance state.

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Charged a Fee for Getting Arrested, Whether Guilty or Not

Corey Statham had $46 in his pockets when he was arrested in Ramsey County, Minn., and charged with disorderly conduct. He was released two days later, and the charges were dismissed.

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U.S. government begins asking foreign travelers about social media

The U.S. government quietly began requesting that select foreign visitors provide their Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts upon arriving in the country, a move designed to spot potential terrorist threats that drew months of opposition from tech giants and privacy hawks alike.
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Israeli Ministers Approve ‘Facebook Law’ Against Web Incitement

Israeli courts could demand that companies such as Facebook Inc. remove content deemed as incitement, under a bill that that will head for parliamentary approval amid concerns about free speech.

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Egypt detains Jazeera reporter over ‘fake news’

Egypt has ordered the detention for 15 days of an Al-Jazeera journalist accused of incitement and fabricating news, a prosecution official said on Sunday.

It was the latest move against the Qatar-based broadcaster which Egypt accuses of supporting the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.

Source: Egypt detains Jazeera reporter over ‘fake news’

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