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Warrantless Surveillance Can Continue Even If Law Expires, Officials Say

WEB Notes: What is the law anyway? Just a dusty ol rule book the Federal Government does not need to follow apparently. You on the other hand, you pay your taxes or the government will fine you to no end.

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Google Will ‘De-Rank’ RT Articles To Make Them Harder To Find – Eric Schmidt

WEB Notes: When you read articles like this it helps you understand what hour we live in. We live in a time when truth is censored. When God is booted out of every aspect of our lives. When you see these things come to pass it helps you identify where we are on our Father’s Timeline.

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EU Closes In On Google As It Prepares Second Antitrust Fine

WEB Notes: Remember a few years back when the US government tried to shut up the bloggers? Luckily that fizzled out, but I think we all knew that was not the end. Now they are going after Google, Facebook, etc and they are seeking to fine those social entities if they host any content that is against the mainstream narrative…

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We Must Not Let Big Tech Threaten Our Security, Freedoms And Democracy

WEB Notes: Let me guess, big brother is going to save us! Who would have guessed that! We have already heard Euro land call for social media giants to pull off content that is not inline with the mainstream narrative. This is called thought control. If you are not allowed to freely think, then we are a controlled and manipulated people. We are already controlled and manipulated people when it comes to the television set and mainstream news…

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Homeland Security Bulletin Warns Of Weaponized Drones And Threat To Aviation

WEB Notes: Let me guess, Homeland Security will need to weaponize their own drones and fly over US cities to ensure the terrorists do not strike.

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State’s Border Security Planes Fly Over San Antonio Neighborhoods

Two high-altitude surveillance planes the state bought for more than $15 million to help secure the Mexican border are regularly circling over San Antonio, according to records and interviews, but details about exactly what they’re doing are scarce.

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DHS Wants Tech to Scan Your Face As You Drive to Mexico

WEB Notes: Oh the DHS wants far more than this. This would just be the beginning. Law enforcement is already working on real time facial scanning and we all know about the new iPhone X…

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Coban’s Focus H1 Police Dash Cams Use NVidia Metropolis For Ai-Based Video Analytics

WEB Notes: Technology is now reaching new heights, things only imagined in times of old. Now law enforcement will be able to identify people just by driving by. I am sure the NSA is excited about the new Apple X phone which brings facial scans to the mainstream.

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EU Governments To Warn Cyber Attacks Can Be An Act Of War

European Union governments will formally state that cyber attacks can be an act of war in a show of strength to countries such as Russia and North Korea.

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Coming To Your Neighborhood: LAPD Drones

WEB Notes: Never fear folks, for now these drones will not be weaponized…

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Facebook And Twitter Could Be Hit By New Tax As Part Of Government Crackdown

WEB Notes: This has everything to do with limiting free speech online. Regulating what can and what cannot be said. In another article they discuss how Google could be held accountable for what they post online. Their “posts” would be their search engine results from a search query…

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‘Our Minds Can Be Hijacked’: The Tech Insiders Who Fear A Smartphone Dystopia 

WEB Notes: This is a very good article by former designers, engineers and product managers at Facebook and Google. It is really worth your time to read and understand how we all are being manipulated.

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