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Another Massive Ransomware Outbreak Is Going Global Fast

Ukraine’s government, National Bank, its transportation services and largest power companies are bearing the brunt of what appears to be a massive ransomware outbreak that’s fast spreading across the world and hitting a significant number of critical infrastructure providers.

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Google Gets Record $2.7 Billion EU Fine for Skewing Searches

Google lost its biggest regulatory battle yet, getting a record 2.4 billion-euro ($2.7 billion) fine from European Union enforcers who say the search-engine giant skewed results to thwart smaller shopping search services.

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German Authorities Raid Homes of 36 for Social Media ‘Hate Speech’

WEB Notes: Anything that does not agree with the globalist agenda is consider hate speech. No one has a right to tell you what to think.

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China’s Central Bank Has Begun Cautiously Testing a Digital Currency

WEB Notes: The same old tired excuse is given to move forward with a “digital currency”.

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The TSA is going to look through your books but promises not to notice what you’re reading

WEB Notes: If you have to fly, then bring extra Bibles for them to read. The invasiveness continues to increase. First it was a violation of our bodies, now a violation of our minds. The whole TSA process is very dehumanizing.

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Robot that irons clothes developed

With artificial intelligence advancing at break-neck speed, it is only a matter of time before robots start taking over jobs.

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US shoots down Iranian drone in Syria

A U.S. aircraft shot down an armed Iranian drone advancing on coalition forces in southern Syria on Tuesday, Fox News confirmed.

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Cellphone, internet outages reported across the U.S.

If you’re having trouble making calls or connecting to the internet on your cellphone, you’re not alone.

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Google Says It Will Do More to Suppress Terrorist Propaganda

WEB Notes: When they say “terrorism,” you think of radical islam. But they did not define what “terrorism” means. Over and over again we hear how “home grown terrorism” is a big threat. People like you and I who do not agree with globalism are considered the “terrorists.” In the future, those who stand against Satan’s one world government system will be labeled “terrorists” among many other things.

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Amazon to Slash Jobs at Whole Foods, Dump Cashiers, Switch to Cheaper Products in Price War with Wal-Mart

WEB Notes: This is called corporate greed. How big does a company need to get? How much profit is enough? Apparently there are no limits, but that is nothing new. The worst part of this is the Amazon Go store. The thought of a computer (someone) watching and calculating as I pull each item off the shelf is very strange. Technology is great, but this seems to go a bit too far all to save Amazon money which in the end means less jobs.

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Senate Bill: Travelers Must Register Cash and Digital Amounts Over $10K or Face 10 Years in Prison and Full Asset Seizure

WEB Notes: Of course they are pushing for this. Terrorism is a tool used to remove your freedoms. There is plenty of documentation of this, but the best documentation is observation. We have the TSA who fondles our children and we have the NSA, CIA who in one way or another spy on you via your digital information. How about the cameras atop every stop light you pass by? All of this has been brought about by 911 and that is not even scratching the surface.

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CIA has been hacking into Wi-Fi routers for years, leaked documents show

WEB Notes: “Hacking” by the CIA is nothing new. The government through the NSA has been doing this for years. We have been told over and over again so at this point, how can anyone be surprised? It is a fact, in the data centers of communication giants there is government equipment designed to tap into phone calls, it has been that way for years and that is first hand information.

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