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1 in 4 believe robots would make better politicians

WEB Notes: Have people lost all sense of understanding and logic? Do they think robots are a new bred of people? Robots are machines for heavens sake. They are programmed to do what they do by people. So do they honestly believe the politician who makes the deal with the robot manufacture will ensure all the robots can never be compromised to make a sinful choice? Of course not. People are so desperate for honesty and a change from what we have today they irrationally consider other choices. It really is a shame, but the children of Satan will and do take advantage of this and you can see how easily it will be when it is time for them to get their new world order government.

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Lawyer: Police Are Using Facebook To Track Gun Supporters

WEB Notes: There is so much mis-direction not only in the media, but in the world. If every piece of digital information is obtained by the government, they do not need to create “fake accounts”. They already have the data and do not need to perform sneaky tactics to obtain it. Further, social media is by no means a secure method of communication.

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China: Wiping out crime: face-scanners placed in public toilet to tackle loo roll theft

WEB Notes: Come on, this is one of the worst excuses I have ever seen. Well folks we have to scan your face before you use the restroom. How about they actually tackle the problem which they know exists.

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Tech Expert Warns That AI Could Become “A Fascist’s Dream”

WEB Notes: This is not just about rightwing or leftwing. This is about fascism in general. What is wrong with people that they feel they need to belong to these groups? Left or right and their affiliate parties? This is one of the reasons why the people are so divided and cannot agree and due to that they move forward in chains.

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Trump Gives CIA Power to Use Drones to Bomb Suspected Terrorists

MQ-9 Reaper Drone

WEB Notes: The same CIA trump was crying about that spied on him. He gave the CIA this new authority a day after he walked into office. The world is a big stage folks and we are watching a grand show. Does this new authority include the United States? We know some have called for drones strikes on Americans and we saw that take place under the obama administration as well.

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German official wants $53M fines for social media hate posts

WEB Notes: At this point this news is being repeated so it can sink into your mind and become the norm. It is not okay to fine anyone for words that come out of their mouth that someone else does not agree with. This is controlling thought. If you do not like what someone has to say, turn them off. It is that simple.

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This creepy facial recognition app lets users find strangers on Facebook by taking their picture

WEB Notes: Technology is advancing rapidly and providing data and solutions that many would not thought was possible a few years ago. This is certainly creepy, but then again for those who post photos of themselves online that is something you chose to make public.

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Can your smart home be used against you in court?

WEB Notes: In this case, the suspect willingly turned over the information something he should have never done. This whole in home listening device is a dream come true for the powers that be, if our phones were not enough already. In the near future it seems certain this data will be confiscated from individuals at the whim of the government. Why on earth anyone would want a device in their home listening to their latest command is beyond me. Maybe it is for the micromanaging boss who just does not have enough to do.

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State DMV backs allowing self-driving cars with no human on board

Self-driving cars with no human behind the wheel — or, for that matter, any steering wheel at all — may soon appear on California’s public roads, under regulations state officials proposed Friday.

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FBI Director Comey: ‘There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America’

WEB Notes: Listen to what they are telling you from their own mouths.

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Without a ‘world government’ technology will destroy us, says Stephen Hawking

WEB Notes: Just what we have been saying. Global government is behind these so called “wikileaks”. The leak of this data is by design, I truly believe that and I believe this article helps document that. The ol nation state cannot control technology, so we need a more central world government that can do that for us. While world government will happen, you will never have privacy or the freedoms we all once enjoyed. I have to ask the question. How can anyone on the face of this earth honestly believe a bigger group of politicians can do a better job than the flunkies of today? Amazingly foolish.

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Burger-flipping robot replaces humans on first day at work

A burger-flipping robot has just completed its first day on the job at a restaurant in California, replacing humans at the grill.

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