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The Military Is Not Defying Trump On Transgender Ban. It Doesn’t Exist

WEB Notes: I would laugh if this were not so sad. Today, America including their “great thinkers” believe a tweet from the President is the Law of the Land…

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Australians To Vote On Same-Sex Marriage

WEB Notes: This unfortunate trend is sweeping the globe. I have meet more Christians that think this is okay more than I care to admit. What does our Father say? Learn about it here.

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LGBT Advocates Praise Disney Preschool Cartoon for Featuring Lesbian Moms

WEB Notes: How many cartoons actually talk about God/Christ? I have seen some, but it is usually in a disrespectful fashion. That is the motto these days. That really tells you what is right and wrong. 2 Timothy 3 and Isaiah 5:20 tell us about this. What we have here is the promotion of perversion. Let’s make it look good for the kids they say. You are teaching the children lies and perversion plain and simple. If you want to lead a perverted lifestyle that is your business, I really do not care. But do not go teaching the kids about it and telling them it is nature and okay, it is not.

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Transgender Service Members Sue Trump Over Military Ban

WEB Notes: For some perspective here is the article where Trump banned transgenders from the military. You know we have a dictatorship these days. Our whole country has turned into a circus at this point.

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Haiti’s Senate Passes Bill Banning Same-Sex Marriage

WEB Notes: As heathen as Haiti is, even these guys know homosexuality is bad practice.

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Church Of England Minister Criticised For Homosexual Pride Service

WEB Notes: God does not approve no matter what this so called teacher said. He is a liar and he has brought abominations into the house of God.

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Transgenders In Combat Environment Would Be A ‘Ticking Time Bomb,’ U.S. Veteran Says

There is no room for gender confusion in a combat environment, a U.S. veteran who served in Iraq said after President Donald Trump issued a ban on transgenders in the military.

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Protests Erupt As Trump Says, US Will Not ‘Allow Transgender Individuals To Serve In The U.S. Military’

WEB Notes: This has nothing to do with Trump trying to follow God for those who may be confused by the issue. If that were the case he would have banned homosexuals from the military in general. This has everything to do with saving a buck and a buck they will surely save from not paying for their surgeries. Notice how all these protestors are up in arms over something like this? There are anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand transgenders in the 1.3 million strong armed forces. When the US bans something Christian, no one even blinks an eye.

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Religious-Zionist rabbis back decision to block gay adoption

WEB Notes: “Inclusion,” yes we would not want anyones duck feelings to get hurt. If you feel like a woman today wear a dress they say. If you feel like an ape swing from a tree. We live in a wild and crazy world. Open God’s Letter and gain some sense daily our your lamp will run out of oil and you will become lost in this dark world.

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Trump Taps New Communications Director Who Advocated for ‘Gay Rights Movement,’ ‘Pro-Choice’ Cause

WEB Notes: It is called “equality” when we discuss transgenderism, yet when Christian’s lose their rights it is stopping out hate. It is a one way street in support of sin and your government is leading the way from all corners.

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Transgender Man Gets To Spend Life Sentence In Canadian Women’s Prison

A transgender man doing time for first degree murder in the Canadian province of British Columbia will get to spend the rest of his sentence with women.

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Ultra-Rich Gay Activist Targets Christians Saying: ‘We’re Going To Punish The Wicked.’

WEB Notes: This guy must be about six cans short of a six pack so what does that leave? Trump supports homosexual marriage and Christians certainly are not wicked. We may mess up from time to time, but overall most try to do what is right. This man is just what Isaiah 5:20 is talking about, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” We knew this was going to happen during the end times and you see that “wicked” precedent becoming stronger and bolder by the day.

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