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UK PM: Gay Marriage Is Not Enough, We Need LGBT Issues In Sex Ed

WEB Notes: This lady is a freak, promote the sin, yeah that is what we need. Embrace perversion lady, go ahead keep on embracing it. God is clearly against it, but what does He know. He is just the Creator of all and you are a bag of flesh and the temporary leader of a nation filled with illegals…

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Transgender Person Convicted Of Sexually Abusing 10-Year-Old Girl In Bathroom

WEB Notes: This saddens me to no end. These people who believe they are male when they are female, and believe they are female when they are male are sick in the head. They need help, they do not need to be encouraged to continue the sickness…

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California Legally Recognizes Third Gender Option

WEB Notes: Do you see how rapidly our world is being turned upside down? Unfortunately, the state of California always leads the way in our nation. There is no common sense or general thought here, only about their agenda. Where is the option for space alien or goat? If we are going to go crazy here, let’s go all the way.

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Associated Press Pushes LGBT Agenda, Tells Reporters To Use ‘Transgender Pronouns’

WEB Notes: Can you believe the world we live in today? Absolute mass confusion.

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Boys Who Identify as Girls Allowed to Wear Skirts, Be Addressed as ‘Zie’ at Surrey Boarding School

A boarding school in Surrey will let boys who question their identity wear skirts and sleep in girls’ boarding houses.

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Two Former Trans Men Explain ‘All the Lies’ Surrounding the Glorification of Transgenderism

Today’s culture has seen the denial of biology’s concept of sex and gender, with California going to the level of passing a law to punish caregivers who use incorrect pronouns. There are those who have suffered through hormone treatment, lied to in the name of access to what their doctors saw as “care.”

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California Can Now Jail People For Misusing Gender Pronouns

WEB Notes: When the world goes crazy, it goes really crazy. Can you believe this? In the once great state of California you can now be slapped with a fine or prison sentence for not calling someone in a care facility by their homosexual reference or allowing them into there restroom of choice. Insanity.

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Sex Change Regret: Gender Reversal Surgery Is On The Rise, So Why Aren’t We Talking About It?

WEB Notes: You may recall the National Geographic cover of a trans nine year old boy. A nine year old boy who is now a girl. If memory serves correct we had some pro-trans commenters on this one. Hopefully they are reading this article or ones like it. This is why you do not allow a child to change their sex. One it is an act against nature itself and two people who do it are un-happy people though they may not admit it. They are confused about their position and role in life…

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Says All Men Should Be Feminists, Calls For End to ‘Bro Culture’

WEB Notes: This guy is a real sugar plum. Men need to be men and woman need to be woman. We all serve an important purpose within the family unit.

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41 Families Pull Children From School That Forced Transgender Lesson On 5-Year-Olds

WEB Notes: You may recall the article about the school who taught transgenderism to a kindergarten class. Since that report 41 families have pulled their 73 children out of the school entirely. These parents need and should be applauded for standing up for their beliefs. This is outstanding and very encouraging to see. Good job parents!…

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‘Gay Conversion Therapy’ Is Approved In Brazil

A Brazilian judge has ruled that homosexuality can be treated as a disease and ‘cured’ with conversion therapy, prompting a backlash from activists and pop stars.

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UK: 150 Schools Introduce Gender Neutral Uniforms

WEB Notes: They call that gender neutral (photo at source)? It looks like they put boys clothes on the girl. Just let the kids be kids already.

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