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Peru: 1.5 Million March Against Trans Ideology In Schools

WEB Notes: Imagine if Americans had made a stand and did this.

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Colleges Hiring ‘LGBTQ Administrators’ In Dramatic Numbers

WEB Notes: They seek to go to new heights to promote sin and push it on the rest of society. It would not be acceptable to hire Pastor’s as administrators to teach Christianity, so it should not be acceptable to teach homosexuality to our people either. While it is “acceptable” to man, it certainly is not acceptable to our Father.

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Judge: Military Must Start Admitting Transgenders by January 1

WEB Notes: Remember?

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Kentucky Supreme Court to Decide Whether or Not Christian Screen Printer Has Right to Decline Order for ‘Gay Pride’ T-Shirts

WEB Notes: These are frivolous lawsuits at this point. It is a Christian by name business and a homosexual group wanted them to print Gay “Pride” shirts. We all know why they made the request to a Christian organization, so they can try to sue. If they win, then maybe Christians need to ban together and order “Homosexuality Is a Sin” Shirts from homosexual companies. Two can play the same game, just how stupid do we want to get here?

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Amid Sex Scandals, Hollywood Releases Gay ‘Romance’ That Normalizes Man-Boy Sex

WEB Notes: It really was only a few years ago now, when the US Supreme Court “acknowledged” homosexual marriage in the land. We said then, pedophilla would be next and here it comes. We have all read the Salon articles during that time period which promote it as well, but now here it is on the big screen…

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UK Girl Guides Allows Boys Who Identify As Female To Shower With Girls

WEB Notes: I will never understand why it is so hard for people to make a stand against this kind of trash. They tell you Christ is fictional and offensive, but this trash is acceptable?…

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Canadian Teachers Federation Does ‘LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP’ Training Session 

WEB Notes: Someone needs to be fired, what else is there really to say at this point? If the people; parents and citizens are not fed up yet, they never will be.

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Republicans In Virginia Refuse To Call Transgender Lawmaker A Woman

WEB Notes: No one should be calling a male a woman. Let us all try and use just a little common sense. If I think I am a butterfly are you going to call me a butterfly or a man?

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Federal Court Puts Stop To Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

WEB Notes: Who saw this coming? When will the people ever wake up? Trump plays up a big game with his illegal executive orders and continually we see them blocked. Why? They are illegal, Trump is going outside the bounds of the Law of the land. We have three branches of government, not one.

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Canada To Formally Apologize To LGBTQ People For Decades Of Discrimination

WEB Notes: This guy has more than just a screw loose. What else do you expect from world leaders during the end times?

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California Christian University Under Pressure to Adopt “LGTB-Inclusive” Policies

WEB Notes: Apparently the people at the school were right, this person is a trouble maker. I do not know about you, but if I was not accepted at some place I would simply find another place. There is no need for lawsuits, but I forgot that we live in the snow flake generation and it is A okay to sue someone until your hearts content…

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‘I Used To Be Trans, But I Learned To Love My Body’

WEB Notes: We hear about this more and more and we will continue to hear about it more and more. As it becomes more “popular,” more confused people will still be confused after their sex change. You do not fix confusion by adding confusion to it. We have said it many times, these people need help, they are not happy with their lives due to who knows what and that is the root that must be found. I am willing to bet if our Father was placed into their lives, His True Word that would go a long way to curing these types of issues.

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