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Shutdown Over: Congress Reaches Deal To Restart Government Operations

The government is set to fully reopen on Tuesday, after congressional leaders finalized a new budget extension Monday evening.

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State Department Spending $592,500 To ‘Explore Gender Identities Of Boys And Men In Kenya’

WEB Notes: The government who could not afford its bills found a budget for nearly $600,000 to explore gender topics. Boy, what I could have done with $600,000. I wonder how many peoples houses that could have paid off? Think about all the frivolous taxes we have and expenses of the government. If this had to come out of their own pockets, I guarantee you would see a truly balanced budget.

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Bank of America: No More Free Checking for Customers With Low Balances

WEB Notes: I sure hope all our long-time readers recall these type of subjects from the past. We discussed various articles over the years along these lines. We were warned it would happen and now here it begins…

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World’s Richest 1% Obtain 82% Of The World’s Wealth

WEB Notes: You know what I always find interesting about these stories? There is never any outrage. There is never anyone talking about “inequality.” Yet, we hear about “inequality” when it comes to race, homosexuality and illegal immigration. It is almost like the media is conditioning your mind to a certain point of view. I said “almost“.

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U.S. Government Runs Out Of Funding Despite Record Tax Collections

WEB Notes: It is no secret, the United States government is bankrupt and operating on borrowed time. Due to their mismanagement of funding and inability to work together for the American people “non-essential” services have been terminated, for now…

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The Private Equity Firms At The Core Of Brick & Mortar Retail Bankruptcies

WEB Notes: Visit the source for the full scoop.

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What Happens If The US Government Shuts Down?

WEB Notes: As I read this that tune from the movie “Jaws” popped into my mind. You know the one, the guy is rushing to get out of the water before ol Jaws snacks on him. I just cannot get over the fear and hype being put on the American people. As if a true government shutdown would be a bad thing…

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The Dow’s 31% Gain During Trump’s First Year Is The Best Since FDR

WEB Notes: Trump did it? Really now… Exactly what did he do besides step into the Oval Office? What policies did he implement that actually provided value? None, just like Obama. The markets are artificially inflated due to an event that happened way back in 2007, you remember, the economic collapse and the bailouts that ensued. You do realize it is the Federal Reserve, a private bank that holds most of the US Treasuries?…

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DOW On Track For 200-Point Jump, Putting 26,000 Within Reach

WEB Notes: Another article explains, U.S. oil industry set to break record, upend global trade. The market maybe manipulated, but people are making a lot of real money out of it. Be-careful with your investments.

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Robots Taking Human Jobs Is Causing A ‘Hellish Dystopia’

WEB Notes: The media will not stop talking about this subject. It is an important topic and something to certainly be aware of. Sharpen your skill set and then take rest and comfort in your Father.

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China Reports Biggest-Ever Annual Trade Surplus With U.S. 

China reported its largest-ever annual trade surplus with the U.S. last year while its overall imbalance with the world shrank, potentially strengthening the Trump administration’s case for tougher penalties and other trade actions against Beijing.

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Jack in the Box CEO: Swapping Cashiers For Robots ‘Makes Sense’ Due To Minimum Wage Increase

WEB Notes: When you raise the minimum wage, think about it now. When that rate goes up, it means the cost of goods and other services must also go up to support the new “minimum” wage. Look minimum wage jobs are not career gigs people. They were meant for young people to get a start in life. From there you work hard and you leave those places, you have to use your mind in life to the best of your ability…

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