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Australians Vote in Favor of Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ in Nationwide Postal Survey

WEB Notes: Had the people voted against it, they still would work to legalize homosexual marriage. We saw that here in California, the people did not vote for it, but a year or two later the state passed their own bill. More and more nations continue to turn away from God and embrace sin. I have said many times, we continue to march toward the end times, I think we are starting to jog now.

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Biological Weapons Simulation Test Planned In Oklahoma

WEB Notes: It is plain as day obvious they are conditioning the people to this sort of fear and testing. Some people are upset with it, but the more we hear about it the more accepting the public will be about it. Repetition, repetition…

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Emerati Minister: ‘Iran Is A Greater Threat Than Al-Qaeda, ISIS’

WEB Notes: What I find extremely interesting is now that we are hearing ISIS is defeated or near defeated, immediately we are hearing of escalated tensions with Iran. Now we have quotes from middle east leaders as the title indicates that paint Iran in the colors of the enemy. We all know how Saudi Arabia feels about it. A new precedent is beginning to form that points toward conflict with Iran. In today’s world, calling one a terrorist or a supporter of terrorism is a globally supported reason for war. We live in interesting times!

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The Timeline Of The Tribulation: Chapter 7 – The Silence In Heaven and The Two Witnesses

The Timeline of the Tribulation - The Silence in Heaven and The Two Witnesses

The Timeline of the Tribulation: Chapter 7 – The Silence in Heaven and The Two Witnesses

By: Brandon T. Ward

In Chapter 6 of our study we discussed “The Hour of Temptation” which is the Tribulation of Satan, his time on earth which is the final week of the seventy weeks in the book of Daniel. We learned the final week is a seven year long period that was shortened to a five month period as documented by Jesus Christ. We also discussed and documented from God’s Word how Satan will make a “covenant” with world leaders at the beginning of that week.

In this Chapter we discuss the “Silence in Heaven” which occurs at the “Midst of the Week”. The “Midst of the Week” is the middle of the Tribulation, the moment in time when the Tribulation escalates dramatically as Heaven and earth witness what has never occurred before.

The “Midst of the Week” is the time when Satan has absolute control over the earth’s governments, absolute control of the sixth kingdom.

The time when Satan will reign claiming to be God.

The time when “the woman” is nourished in the wilderness.

The time when Satan makes war with the Saints as the Two Witnesses make their grand appearance to lock arms with the Saints.

It is the final months of this age of flesh.

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Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Calls For Sanctions On Iran For Its ‘Support Of Terrorism’

WEB Notes: If you want to name an enemy all you have to do is say they support “terrorism” and the whole world buys into it. Just do not be one of those people with a short memory. Ol Trump called Qatar a “supporter of terrorism” and then sold them $12 billion worth of F-15 fighters. But who cares right? A public figure said they were terrorists and a terrorists they are, you are supposed to forget about the fighter jet sale, yes just erase that from your mind. There are shootings at country music festivals and churches to be focused on…

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Saudi Arabia Blames Iran For Missile Launched From Yemen, Warns It Could Be Considered ‘Act Of War’

WEB Notes: Once again it is Iran’s fault for something that went wrong in the world. This really should let you know there is a coordinated effort to paint Iran in the colors of the enemy. God’s Word makes it clear, Iran will be involved with some of the final events of this age of flesh.

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Trove Of Bin Laden Documents Reveal Iran’s Secret Dealings With Al-Qaeda

WEB Notes:A never before seen document!” I bet that piece of paper even documents that Iran was going to unleash a barrel of monkeys on the US armed with suitcase nukes…

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Terror In New York: Islamist Kills 8 And  Injures 15 In Vehicle Assault, He Did It For ISIS

Terror Attack In New York For ISIS Home Depot Truck

For ISIS: Terror Attack In New York With Home Depot Truck – Daily Mail

WEB Notes: You know, all the work this nation does to stop violence and “gun crime” and all it cost this guy to kill 8 and injury 15 was $19 dollars to rent a Home Depot truck. Maybe the government should ban trucks now?…

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George Washington’s Church To Tear Down Memorial Honoring First President

WEB Notes: I spent a little bit of time researching this and trying to find out what was so offensive in the plaque. Unless I am missing something this is not an attack on the Presidents of the past, but an attack on God…

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U.S. General Says New Frontier Against ISIS Will Be Africa, As Pentagon Weighs More Troops

WEB Notes: How on earth can this guy say this with a straight face? We were just talking about this people! The mainstream media has told us ISIS is done for within the last couple of weeks. We have had two articles on it during that time as well. Now, a controlled US General says, ‘hey ISIS is moving to Africa baby and we have to follow!’…

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Rex Tillerson Says The Taliban Is Welcome In The Afghan Government

WEB Notes: The United States has spent billions of dollars fighting the Taliban over the years. These are Osama Bin Laden’s boys, surely you all remember that?…

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Trump Lets Air Force Recall 1K Retired Pilots

WEB Notes: This seems like a clear signal the United States is trying to get ready for some future conflict. Maybe they would have more pilots if we were not policing the world and inviting sin into the military. We can ask God to bless the military of this nation, but as a whole our Father is not going to do that when good men are losing their ranks over their refusal to support homosexual marriage. God does not support sin, period.

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