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Mark Zuckerberg calls for universal basic income at Harvard speech

WEB Notes: Hey Mark, sounds like a fantastic idea. The idea is so good I say let’s fund it with your wallet. You have plenty to go around, I mean you have more money then most people, so let’s make it equal. What do you say? After all you really do not need all that money, “the babies are starving” Marky come on, be a pal and set the example. We are waiting.

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New York ‘Concerned Clergy for Choice’ Group Gathers in State Capitol in Support of Abortion, Contraception

WEB Notes: Clergy? These are not men and woman of God. These are men and woman in sheep’s clothing. They are disguised as men and woman of God. In 2 Corinthians 11 false teachers are being described. You will always know someone by their fruits (Matthew 7:16-20). These people are trying to turn our Father’s Word into a lie. Turn with me to,

2 Corinthians 11:14
14 “And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

Many people mistakenly take this verse to mean even Satan will be “transformed into an angel of light”. We know Satan will never turn to God, Satan’s destruction has already been declared in our Father’s Word (Isaiah 28, Ezekiel 14). So we need to analyze this word “transformed”. You will find it is Strong’s word G3345 and it means, “disguise”. Satan will be disguised as an angel of light, Satan will claim to be our Lord and Savior, but it is a lie.

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Britain’s Manchester Terrorist Attack Prompts UK To Deploy 5,000 Armed Soldiers To The Streets As Threat Level Raised To ‘Critical’

WEB Notes: Of course ISIS claimed responsibility for this attack and they are now attacking the Philippines as well, while France extends their state of emergency.

Each year we see more terrorist attacks on our Western culture even though extreme measures by the government are taken. You will notice, the people are always attacked by the terrorists and it is the people who always lose their rights at the hand of our governments. Does this not strike you as odd? The terrorists supposedly hate our way of life and our interference in the Middle East. It is not you and I who are invading the Middle East, it is our governments who are doing it. So why do the terrorists not attack the governments who are supposedly attacking them? A little common sense goes a lot way.

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Globalism: Trump, 55 Muslim States Sign Pact Against Iran And Pledge 34,000 Troops To Fight ISIS In Iraq & Syria

Trump and 55 Muslim States Sign Global Pact To Fight Terrorism

Trump and 55 Muslim States Sign Global Pact To Fight Terrorism – Credit: Reuters

WEB Notes: This is an extremely under reported story. Look at that photo. Trump along with 55 leaders from other Muslim nations. I thought he did not like Muslims? I thought he was against Globalism? Wait, I forgot, Trump’s recent remark: “I’m a nationalist and a globalist” Basically, whatever will get the job done. He will say whatever it takes, just like everyone else before him. How about this so called “mid-east tour“?

This is not a “mid-east tour“, this is a rally against Iran tour. A third of the entire resolution that was signed by Trump and the leaders of 55 Muslim states was against Iran. Trump’s visit to Israel is also about “stopping” Iran.

Here is more on the Saudi Security Pact that was signed,

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ICE: Nearly 600 Illegals Convicted Of Sex Crimes Set Free

WEB Notes: As much as things change, they stay the same. Trump is doing the same thing Obama did. Why were these illegal sex offenders released on US soil? Their home nations did not want the bums that’s why. Imagine if we actually enforced our borders. Imagine if we did not provide funding to illegal immigrants? Imagine if we followed our Father’s Law for rape? Now these illegal creeps are back on the street and closer to harming the woman in your life. Thank your government for it and don’t forget to pay your taxes.

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Illinois Eighth-Grader Prohibited From Delivering God-Centered Speech, Prayer at Graduation

WEB Notes: This is truly disturbing, Christianity is/has being ripped from this nation. The young man cannot say a prayer at the graduation ceremony? Why is this offensive? If you do not believe in God, then his speech means nothing to you. No harm done. That has never been the point. The point has always been to remove God from the public arena. Why? Without God the people are more easily controlled by what men say as they do not have a guiding light in their path. Without God we have no direction. Without God anything goes as there is no moral compass. This young man cannot say a prayer, but drag queens can indoctrinate our children in our public tax payer funded libraries. This is insanity, the higher degree of insanity is why do we still allow it?

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Public Libraries Hosting ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for Children

Drag Queen Public Library

Drag Queen Public Library – Source: Christian News

WEB Notes: This is so absurd it is hard to believe it is true, but here it is. This is our world in the year 2017. This is what happens when we stand idle and allow our Father to be removed from our nation and institutions. What did we think was going to be put in His place? If there were any doubts the last few years should have shown us all. Day by day, hour by hour it escalates. Now this perversion and filth is being put on display in front of our children in our public tax payer funded libraries. This photo is truly disturbing, but I think it needs to be displayed so you can see first hand what is becoming of our world. Imagine the thoughts and ideas our children will have growing up in a world like this. This is okay in their eyes, this is acceptable, there is no God. These are the things being pounded into their minds 24×7 by our government, institutions, and even churches. Keep your family on the narrow path so they do not succumb to this filth.

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Conservatives begin to whisper: President Pence

WEB Notes: Conservatives whisper of impeachment and Democrats shout it. Let’s see what Trump has to say about this whole thing,

Trump is right, but that does not excuse his crimes. It is like the little brother telling his mom, what about what John did. Be responsible for your own actions and stop shifting the blame.

No one is talking about the illegal Executive Orders. This whole thing is a farce, his campaign, Clinton’s campaign, the elections, the Presidency. It is a nightmare and an embarrassment to this once great nation. The office of the Presidency has been a joke for years and escalates with each new puppet in office. America you have reaped what you have shown. You have thrown God out of our nation and you wonder why we have so called “elected officials” like this? God said it was going to happen (Deuteronomy 28). Did you not believe Him? God has never been wrong and He never will be. It is far past time we, as individuals, get right with our Father.

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Record Low: Only 24% of Americans Believe The Bible is The “Actual Word Of God To Be Taken Literally”

WEB Notes: Even back in 1976 only 38% believed the Bible to be true. We have discussed this in the past. Many claim to be Christian, but what does that actual mean to them? If you are a Christian you believe in and follow what God’s Word says. You apply it to your life and you live by His Law found within it. Rarely do people do this anymore.

While some are saddened by this news, I find it encouraging with respect to what we have been told in the Bible. We are told in 2 Timothy 3:3-5 and 2 Peter 3:3-7 essentially the same message, “there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts“. A “scoffer (Strong’s: G1703) is a “mocker” of God or a “false teacher” and we have a lot of these today. What are they doing? They are walking after their own way, not God’s way. They have taken the broad path to destruction, instead of the narrow path to Eternal Life.

All of these things are signs to us that the last days are certainly upon us. They should build up our faith in Him and His Word and the promises contained within it.

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Report: Only 6% of Millennials Said Their Social Media Was a ‘Completely True’ Depiction of Them

WEB Notes: We have said this over and over again. Social media is used to create a fantasy world and other people see that fantasy and think the person has this perfect life and they live in some perfect world. Look it does not exist. The closest life to perfect you will find in this world is having a close relationship and bond with our Father in Heaven. He provides happiness, he fills that void in your spirit. Christians who have our Father, who study His Word with understanding are the most happy people in this world. Our happiness is a constant “high”. It never goes away unlike bottle tippers and drug attics. You do not need that trash, you need our Father in Heaven. Go to Him in prayer and ask Him to become a part of your life. Then you put in the work to make that happen.

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The North Koreans Did It! “Clues” Point to NK As Culprit of RansomWare Attack

WEB Notes: Yes, of course, it was those blasted North Koreans that did it. There were only three choices to begin with; North Korea, Iran and Syria. Remember a few years back it was the Syrian Army. Wait not just the Syrian Army, it was the “Syrian Electronic Army” who pulled off some hacks and we were told how dangerous they were. Apparently the Syrian Electronic Army went into retirement as we have heard nothing from lately. But now it is the North Koreans coming up from behind with their bent nose coned missiles. You just cannot make this stuff up. The best part about all of this if you can say such a thing is the “security hole” that was “manipulated” was placed their by the NSA. That would be your government Mr. and Mrs. America! “Security hole” translated means ‘the mechanism used to spy on you’. So your government is the problem, your government created the hole to begin with and they shift the blame to other nations.

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Target launches gay pride products: We ‘proudly stand with the LGBT community’

WEB Notes: If you are a man or woman of God then you need to stand for your Father right now. ‘What do I have to do‘. Simply refuse to do business with those who support homosexuality. Your Father is not okay with it. He has never been okay with it and He never will be okay with it. If you cannot do this simple thing, shop else where what kind of Christian are you? If that offends you then you should be offended. How offended do you think your Father is? How do you think it makes Him feel to see you a “Christian” supporting organizations who support homosexuality? It is a slap in His face, by you His child. Grow a backbone and stand up like and man or woman of God. Stand for your Father.

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