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Fed Pays Banks $30 Billion on “Excess Reserves” for 2017

WEB Notes: Yes, the supposed Federal bank, which it certainly is not prints US Dollars out of thin air and then make investments with those dollars. In other words, they cannot lose and some of those gains, will go to the banks….

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Trump Surprises With Decision To Attend Davos Economic Forum

WEB Notes: What for it… “Hey, I am a nationalist and a globalist,” Donald Trump. In case anyone needed a reminder…

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Russia Plans National Biometric Database Starting Next Year

WEB Notes: Everyone is doing it, facial recognition has gone mainstream and people will be okay with it. People have been posting pictures of themselves online for years, this will be consider no different. The bank is simply “offering them a service” and for the “security” of the people needs; face and voice samples to ensure your identity is not stolen. See how good that sounds? Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

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Deutsche Bank CEO Suggests Robots Could Replace Half Its Employees

WEB Notes: This is very true. The technology that is being unveiled is extremely impressive. Unfortunately, it means the advances have come so far more and more jobs will be replaced with machines. It will take people to design, build and maintain the machines, whatever form they happen to take. But it will not take as many people. We are seeing this trend all over the jobs sector.

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George Soros Gives $18Bn To His Charitable Foundation

The financier George Soros has transferred about $18bn (£13.7bn) to his human rights foundation, bringing his lifetime giving to $32bn and making the foundation one of the world’s largest.

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US Intelligence Unit Accused Of Illegally Spying On Americans’ Financial Records

WEB Notes: What else is new? This is not the first time and it certainly will not be the last time.

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The Fed Will Be A New Creature Soon, And No One Knows What It’ll Look Like

On Thursday, the Senate confirmed Randal Quarles, President Trump’s first Fed nominee, as a member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. During his confirmation hearing, Quarles said it was time to roll back some of the regulations that were imposed on banks after they’d imploded and threatened to take down the global financial system. He will become the chief bank regulator at the Fed, filling the slot that Daniel Tarullo left behind when he resigned unexpectedly in April.

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The Fed Won’t Stop Cutting Back On Stimulus Unless Economy Hits Another Big Downturn, Yellen Says

The Federal Reserve would only veer from its plans to reduce the trillions in stimulus it has provided if the economy were to undergo an unforeseen shock, Chair Janet Yellen said.

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The Federal Reserve Is Setting America Up For Economic Disaster

The World’s Most Powerful Bank Issues A Major Warning

WEB Notes: We are told markets are based on supply and demand. Maybe at one time they completely were, but in today’s world where the government (your tax dollars) bail out banks and markets move up based on speculation, not much of that is valid for today’s stock market…

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Wall Street Banks Warn Downturn Is Coming

WEB Notes: Doom, fear and horror. Now as a Christian who has read the Word and has understanding this type of news does not phase you right? Of course. You have read the Word and you understand how the end times are going to go down. On another level our manipulated world will never see all positive gains, we are going to go up and then she is going to come down. Over and over again and the big boys will profit handsomely. So relax, everything is just fine, none of this is a shock to us should this happen.

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Banks Earn Record Profits In Q2, Savers Sacrificed: FDIC

WEB Notes: Alright Mr. and Mrs. America, go out and finance more junk that you do not really need and that will end up in the trash next year that you will keep on paying for! You are making the banks rich, rich!…

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