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California AG: Employers Who Cooperate With Federal Immigration Raids Will Be Prosecuted

WEB Notes: This is great, I mean this is a really good one. The article tells us the Feds are looking to do some deporting and they are headed to Northern California. I tell you what, we have illegals up here too, but if you head south, say to Southern California your bounty will be plenty!…

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Government To Resume Processing DACA Renewals, Citing Judge’s Ruling

WEB Notes: These are the decisions of a nation with a death wish. You simply cannot continue to allow illegal immigrants into the nation. This nation can no longer sustain it, it is and has changed our nation forever already. Enough is enough…

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Trump Denies Making ‘Sh*thole Countries’ Comment

WEB Notes: He denied it of course, but it certainly sounds like something he would say. He is right in concept though. You cannot go importing people from the worst nations in the earth and expect your own country to be prosperous. Let us all be honest with ourselves here. Immigration as we have said over and over again must be controlled.

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Immigration Agents Raid 7-Eleven Stores Nationwide, Arrest 21 People In Biggest Crackdown Of Trump Era

WEB Notes: I really am not trying to be negative here, but I see this as propaganda. You can go to any Home Depot in SoCal and arrest far more illegal immigrants standing in the parking lot looking for work than they could have with the 7-Eleven raids. How about the fields of farms?..

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‘Trump Effect’ Wears Off as Migrants Resume Their Northward Push

WEB Notes: “Migrant shelters”. What a politically correct name. These are illegal immigrant shelters that help illegals not only come into the nation, but assist with food stamp and other benefit programs.

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Israel Offers To Pay African Migrants To Leave, Threatens Jail

WEB Notes: In the US we provide free welfare and healthcare for illegals and you wonder why we have an immigration problem?

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Trump Sends Fewer Mexicans Home Despite Deportation Talk

WEB Notes: Trump just might be best defined as the “Talker in Chief”. He sure says a lot and much of it sounds good, yet the truly good things just never seem to materialize. People are easily impressed however, if he says we will deport them, then by gosh that is what the American people are going to believe. To heck with the truth.

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Child Tax Credit Rise For Illegal Immigrants Included In Bills

WEB Notes: The last two articles we posted said 1 in 5 American households have zero or negative wealth. The other, 1 in 4 Americans postpone medical treatment due to expense. It should be quite obvious American’s need tax relief. Yet, Trump and friends may pass a tax bill that includes giving money to illegal immigrants, something Trump has railed against. Once again, nothing changes.

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Tax Bills Would Preserve Billions In Cash Transfers To Illegal Immigrants

WEB Notes: As we have said for years, stop the benefits and they will deport themselves. We do not need to spend billions on a worthless wall. By the US’ own policy it is obvious they want illegals in this nation.

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Supreme Court Allows Full Enforcement Of Trump Travel Ban

WEB Notes: I do not know what form of government we have today, but it certainly is not what the founders intended.

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Donald Trump Pulls US Out Of UN Global Compact On Migration

WEB Notes: This is more of a “feel good” maneuver than anything else. We essentially are the United Nations due to the amount of money we spend financing their existence. The US certainly should have its own immigration policy and today regardless of this decision still means “open borders”.

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Report: Single Men from Afghanistan to Be Resettled as Refugees in U.S. After Trump Fails to Halt Australia Deal 

WEB Notes: Great, more illegal immigrants coming to our nation from a part of the world ravaged by war. I wonder how many of these individuals lost everything they had via US intervention in their country. I wonder if that upsets them?

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