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Less Than 1,000 ISIS Fighters Remain In Iraq And Syria, Coalition Says

WEB Notes: As quickly as ISIS appeared is as quick as they are disappearing. We have heard numerous world leaders tell us ISIS has been defeated in Syria and the war there is over. This is a continuing trend and indicates Global Powers are gearing up for the next stage.

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ISIS Claims It Has Hacked The US Army And State Department

WEB Notes: I feel like discussing this is truly a waste of breath. ISIS is a mercenary group founded and funded by the globalists. The fact they still exist and are able to post online proves someone is… 🤥

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ISIS Weapons Traced To US And Saudi Arabia

WEB Notes: Of course they were traced to the United States, we have been talking about this for years now. This is not some new development for those who have been paying attention and using common sense.

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ISIS Threatens U.S. Attacks Over Jerusalem Decision

WEB Notes: Who saw this coming? I mean really? This sounds like a line out of a B-rated movie. “Just you wait,” perfect.

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Putin Makes First Visit To Syria, Lauds Victory Over ISIS And Announces Withdrawals

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday made a surprise visit to Russia’s Khmeimim air base in Syria, announcing an imminent drawdown of Russian forces in the wake of his declaration of victory in its intervention in the Syria war.

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Iraqi Prime Minister Declares ‘End of War’ Against ISIS

WEB Notes: The world seems to agree, “ISIS is dead”. Instantly, they are done away with or were they told to walk away?

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Syria Fully Liberated From ISIS Terrorists – Russian MoD

WEB Notes: Yet, the destruction will continue and the US will leave their troops there as well. How about the media bring us some fresh video footage of the cities of Syria so we can see the updated destruction.

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Mattis: ‘The Enemy Is Collapsing’ Faster Than Media Predicted

WEB Notes: Of course we know there are roughly 2000 US troops inside Syria and they are saying they drew down those numbers by 400. In recent weeks the US has made it abundantly clear, they will stay in Syria despite the fact that ISIS has been “defeated”…

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Damascus Shelled By ISIS, 22 People Injured

WEB Notes:Daesh” is ISIS. Yet, we have been told the war in Syria is over and ISIS is defeated. Apparently not just yet anyway. Parts of Damascus have been decimated in the past, but the city still stands.

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No more ‘fighting ISIS?’ US to stay in Syria to prevent ‘win’ for Assad and Iran

WEB Notes: How many of you have been paying attention? We have said over and over again now that ISIS is supported by the US and what we have seen in Syria is a proxy war against Iran. What is outlined in this article proves this once again if you are paying attention…

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The Iranian President Just Said ISIS Is Finished

WEB Notes: Everyone seems to agree, ISIS is finished. The globalists will need something else to work on if they feel Syria is finished. That was the entire goal of ISIS, to destroy Syria, to provide a real to invade that nation. Iran is on the chopping block, the only question is when it will take place.

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U.S. To Fight Islamic State In Syria ‘As Long As They Want To Fight’: Mattis

WEB Notes: Well who would have thought any different? ISIS is “defeated” they say, but the US must carry on in Syria just in case. It will continue on until the globalists have accomplish their goal, the removal of Assad…

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