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U.S. To Provide $60 Million In Palestinian Aid, Withhold $65 Million

WEB Notes: All funding to all nations should be halted, otherwise we are just playing politics. Most articles out there state the US removed $65 million in aid, without telling you they already gave them $60 million. A little disingenuous.

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Coalition Blames ‘Technical Glitch’ As Houthi Rebels Claim Downing Of Saudi Jet In Yemen

A Saudi jet has crashed in northern Yemen due to a “technical glitch,” the Riyadh-led coalition says. Houthi rebels, however, claim they downed the aircraft, a media outlet affiliated with the group says. A Saudi-led coalition plane went down in northern Yemen on Sunday.

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Saudi-Led Coalition Says Has Cut Houthi Supply Line

The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen killed dozens of Houthi fighters and cut one of their main supply routes on Wednesday, United Arab Emirates state news agency WAM reported.

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A Year Of Historic Change In Saudi Arabia, With More To Come

WEB Notes: Saudi Arabia is so backwards they do not even have movie theaters nor are woman allowed to drive. That is until now. Had this news been from Iran the world would have been up in arms.

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Saudi Arabia Will Go Nuclear to Counter Iran Threat, Wants to Enrich Uranium

WEB Notes: Not only will Saudi Arabia build a nuclear plant, but the United States will help them to accomplish that goal. It is perfectly acceptable for Saudi Arabia to build a plant as they are already a part of the current Global Order that we discussed in Chapter 2 of “The Timeline of the Tribulation“.

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Saudi ‘Intercepts Yemen Rebel Missile Over Riyadh’

WEB Notes: The sole point of this report is to continue to drill into your head that Iran is the bad guy, Iran is the guy funding these rebels. We learned about that last week.

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Muslim Leaders Call For Recognition Of East Jerusalem As Palestinian Capital

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called on Washington to turn back from its “unlawful and provocative decision” on Jerusalem, and urged world states to recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine.

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Trump’s Jerusalem Move Will Speed Up Israel’s Destruction, Unite Muslims – Iran’s Defense Minister

Last week’s decision by the US president to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital is bound to backfire, hastening the demise of the Jewish state and banding Muslims together, Iran’s defense minister has said. And should conflict break out in the region, Washington will have to bear responsibility, General Amir Hatami said.

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Turkey’s Erdogan Seeks To Lead Muslim Response On Jerusalem

WEB Notes: Hey Trump! What do you want to do?” Erdogan said Thursday. “What kind of approach is this? Political leaders do not stir things up, they seek to make peace!” Stirring it up sounds about right, it is exactly what is occurring at this point.

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Iraqi Prime Minister Declares ‘End of War’ Against ISIS

WEB Notes: The world seems to agree, “ISIS is dead”. Instantly, they are done away with or were they told to walk away?

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Trump Calls On Saudis To Lift Yemen Blockade ‘Immediately’

WEB Notes: Yet, the Israeli block-aid of Gaza that you probably do not even know about is okay and it continues year after year.

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US House Passes Measure To Slash Aid To Palestinian Authority

WEB Notes: Of course all aid to foreign nations should be shut off, including money set aside for illegal immigrants as well. We all know that is not going to happen, so why reduce the amount of aid to the Palestinians at a time like this? To stoke the coals in the middle east…

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