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Mikhail Gorbachev: ‘It All Looks as if the World Is Preparing for War’

WEB Notes: See how easily these folks can get the world all worked up? It certainly does not look like the world is preparing for war. But when global leaders say that people take notice. Instead his message is about unity and wiping out terrorism by working together. What we outlined in, “Signs, Seasons and the Escalation of Events in 2015” when world leaders vowed to work together to destroy the common enemy of mankind, called terrorism. He goes on to say wars must be outlawed because they are not going to solve the global problems of today.

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Trump Foiled Soros’ Master Plan to Impose New World Order 

WEB Notes: Ol’ Feierstein says trump foiled them globalists and says they were soros and clinton. No this news does not come from Comedy Central, but the mainstream media. When they tell you, you were successful in taking down their plans for global government, but nothing changes and they name the wrong characters and blood was not spilled. You might want to re-evaluate your thought process of the world.

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Dictator Alliance Demands UN Tax Agency for “New World Order”

The world’s largest alliance of Third World dictators and governments, known as the Group of 77 (G77) plus China but composed of more than 130 regimes, is launching a fresh bid to establish a United Nations tax agency. It is all part of what the totalitarian grouping calls a “New World Order.”

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EU Populists: “We Are Experiencing The End Of One World And The Birth Of Another. It’s A Return To The Nation States.”

WEB Notes: We live in fantastic times! They admit that we have a global order and they now tell us it is coming a part. As we just discussed, does anyone really believe the globalists are losing control?

2017 is already shaping up to be a big year. One of mass lies and deception that is dragging in the entire world. I find it astounding how the events that are unfolding line up with our study, “The Timeline of the Tribulation“. We are not close to a Deadly Wound at this point and there has been no Deadly Wound yet.

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Pope warns against populism and ‘saviours’ like Hitler

WEB Notes: Everyone is talking about “populism”, all at the same time, across the entire globe. Do you honestly think this is a grass roots movement? Do you honestly believe the globalists have lost power? The same globalists who own the media that is telling you “populism” is sweeping the globe? The same globalists who own the financial system? We just discussed the subject of “populism” in an article titled, ““Populism” Rises In The U.S., China, Brazil, Mexico and Britain, Or Does It?

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Trump taking office spells end to world order of 20th century – German FM Steinmeier

WEB Notes: The fact that someone could make such a statement documents in of itself that globalism is alive and well. Think about it, if the US is sovereign then how does any change in our nation effect “globalist” Europe? How would the president of the US end a world order… A world order is a world order and does not answer to a nation state, think about it. There is certainly a change taking place, a fantastic one, but not what many realize.

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Trump Stresses Globalism but It Should Be Within a Process of Free Trade

Donald Trump is committed to globalisation. Davos told Elite in Europe and US have misunderstood trade stance says Anthony Scaramucci … A senior member of Donald Trump’s team insisted that the president-elect was committed to globalisation, open trade and Nato, despite recent comments that unsettled America’s allies. -FT

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More Cooperation Between America and China Than There Seems

Xi portrays China as global leader as Trump era looms … China will build a “new model” of relations with the United States, President Xi Jinping said on Wednesday in a speech that portrayed China as the leader of a globalized world where only international cooperation could solve the big problems. -Reuters

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Governments grapple with globalisation backlash

Chinese leader meets Davos elite as voters revolt

WEB Notes: There is no doubt about it, populism is the manufactured theme of 2017. Will are looking to see more actions by some governments to distance themselves from the global agenda, but this is simply a facade. The globalist movement is alive and well. It will be populism that will help to finally bring down the idea of the nation state for the globalist. We should all understand by now the global economy is artificial and manufacturing a so called “populist” movement is the perfect scape goat to bring down the global economy and the idea of the nation state once and for all and when they do the people will run into the arms of globalism on a scale never witnessed in history.

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The False Economic Recovery Narrative Will Die In 2017

WEB Notes: I encourage everyone to read the entire article from the source. There are not many who can see the great fall the world is being setup for though no one can say for sure when the global economy will collapse. I find the timing of world events fantastic as they confirm some of what we have laid out in our study, “The Timeline of the Tribulation” in addition to some of our other recent posts.

I realize what we have said in the past and in our “Signs and Seasons” study is certainly not popular think. Many people support trump and that is fine.

I will say, we have never and we never will say something to appease someones ears. We will never be persuaded by group think. We think for ourselves and we will always say what we feel to be true and I feel our words will be proven correct and to a degree they already have.

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Charlie Chaplin: The Greatest Speech Ever Made

WEB Notes: You will find a couple phrases of disagreement here, but overall this is an outstanding speech by Charlie Chaplin from the movie, “The Great Dictator”.

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