WEB Notes: So much for “completely destroyed”. If 59 cruise missiles did not destroy this base, then they did not hit their target or 59 were never launched.

Syrian warplanes took off from the same airbase hit by US missiles on Friday to carry out bombing raids on rebel-held areas, including the town targeted in a chemical attack.

The aircraft took off from inside the Shayrat base just hours after the US strike and struck targets in the eastern Homs countryside, according to a a monitoring group.

The news came as images from the US Department of Defense showed how 59 powerful missiles obliterated the airfield that was allegedly being used by Bashar al-Assad’s regime to mount chemical attacks.

Observers said al-Sharyat Air Base was ‘almost completely destroyed’ by the 1,000lb warheads in a 30-minute barrage of destruction that is said to have destroyed 20 planes, a dozen aircraft hangars and a fuel depot, as well as ripped up runways.

Source: Syrian warplanes take off from airbase targeted by US cruise missiles just hours later | From the Trenches World ReportFrom the Trenches World Report


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