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Date: March 20, 2018 (page 1 of 2)

‘A Microaggression’: This Boston College Just Banned Students From Saying ‘God Bless You’

Telling a classmate “God bless you” could land you in some serious trouble at a Boston women’s college — that is, according to newly released social justice guidelines that label the remark a “microaggression.”

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Raleigh Police Are Asking Google To Provide User Data For All People Near Crime Scenes

WEB Notes: This is unreasonable search and seizure of your data which is contrary to our fourth amendment. Stand for your rights, or you have none.

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What’s Going On In The Treasury Market?

Back in October 2015, the three-month Treasury yield was 0%. Many on Wall Street said that the Fed could never raise interest rates, that the zero-interest-rate policy had become a permanent fixture, like in Japan, and that the Fed could never unload the securities it had acquired during QE. How things have changed!

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Cardinal Says Vatican Is Surrendering to China’s Communist Government With Deal on Catholic Worship

WEB Notes: The only message approved will be one in favor of the government. That is not church, that is chains under a different name.

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Trade War Threat Is Now Wall Street’s Top Economic Fear, Survey Says

WEB Notes: If we end up in the land of doom due to his policy on trade, it will be blamed on conservative ideals.

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Californians Fed Up With Housing Costs And Taxes Are Fleeing State

WEB Notes: They are whitewashing this story. Take it from someone who currently lives in California. People are not leaving the state because the cost of living is high. It has always been high…

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Israel Blocks $10Bn Owed To Palestinian Workers

WEB Notes: Imagine if a foreign nation blocked your paycheck. How would that make you feel? Imagine if you did your part, you worked, yet you watched your family starve because your right to your money was removed. What steps would you take to get what is rightfully owed to you?

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Iraq War 15 Years On: How America Brought Chaos & Bloodshed To A Nation

WEB Notes: I am sure a lot of Americans are going to be appalled by this headline, but should they be? I recall during the Bush Jr. era, he was on TV telling us how the US had to go invade Iraq, I mean he worked so hard to get your buy-in…

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Self-Driving Uber Car Kills Arizona Woman Crossing Street

WEB Notes: How many more people have to die over this concept of self-driving cars? Someone is making millions and probably billions at some point off of this idea, but how many lives will be lost over it…

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Poll: 80% of Americans Believe Government Spies on Them, 74% Believe “Deep State” Runs Country

WEB Notes: It is interesting to note, most of those polled did not know what the “deep state” was. This is a made up term of late. However, “when the term is described as a group of unelected government and military officials who secretly manipulate or direct national policy” then 74% of Americans said that must exist. How sad that so many people see this, but do not know how actually is behind it and how they are powerless to stop it. If they only knew how powerful they really are…

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Illinois House Passes Bill Requiring 18-20-Year-Olds to Hand Over Certain Semi-Automatic Firearms

WEB Notes: These type of people must be removed from government positions or soon, there will be no Republic to defend. Officials swear an oath to, “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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U.S. Expected To Impose Up To $60 Billion In China Tariffs By Friday

WEB Notes: This is going to cause a trade war. You cannot go implement policy with a gun to someone’s head. There have been no negotiations attempted prior to these tariffs. This is a horrible way to go about it and could have serious consequences for the average American.

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