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Corporate Food Brands Drive the Massive Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico

WEB Notes: Look, I hate pollution just as much as the next guy. However, the tree huggers have a tendency to exaggerate the truth. This article shows three photos, one of a group of people, another showing soil erosion and the last a dead fish in a slimy pond…

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Give A Straw, Go To Jail: How Plastic Straws Are Becoming Criminal

WEB Notes: San Francisco has also passed similar measures. Yet, they do nothing to stop the pollution in the streets. Of course, I speak of the homeless population who believe the streets are their restrooms. That’s right, it is okay to “use the facilities” on the streets of this Bay Area city, but it is against the law to use a straw. What has the world come too? Don’t answer that.

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Mount Everest, The High-Altitude Rubbish Dump

WEB Notes: Man trashing the earth has been in the news a lot lately. We just went to a lake the other day. At the end of the road, what would have been a great place to picnic was ruined by people with no common sense who left loads of trash. I always tell my kids, leave a place cleaner than when you arrived.

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The Planet Is On Edge Of A Global Plastic Calamity

WEB Notes: This is a prime example of how man is good at destroying what our Father creates. Plastic is a major problem. You may recall the article we posted about the plastic collection floating in the Pacific Ocean that is the size of Texas…

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Nine Out Of 10 People Breathing Polluted Air: WHO

WEB Notes: Look at this photo from the source and remember, they want you to stop driving your pick-um-up truck because it pollutes. Give me a break already. You know the new gasoline pickups have an ignition shut off these days? If you idle for more than a few seconds, the vehicle shuts off. Let off the break and it fires right up. We go out of our way in this nation to curb pollution. As nasty as the air is in LA, it still looks nothing like that photo.

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More Than 95% Of World’s Population Breathe Dangerous Air, Major Study Finds

More than 95% of the world’s population breathe unsafe air and the burden is falling hardest on the poorest communities, with the gap between the most polluted and least polluted countries rising rapidly, a comprehensive study of global air pollution has found.

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EPA Poised To Scrap Fuel Economy Targets That Are Key To Curbing Global Warming

The Trump administration is poised to abandon America’s pioneering fuel economy targets for cars and SUVs, a move that would undermine one of the world’s most aggressive programs to confront climate change and invite another major confrontation with California.

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Pacific Garbage Patch, World’s Largest Collection Of Ocean Trash, Grows

WEB Notes: Think about all the trash we as a people create. Every container contains a ton of plastic and other materials that gets thrown out. Multiply this by 320,000,000 people in our nation along. Then factor in the world of 7,000,000,000 souls. We are not doing our planet any favors that is for sure.

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Federal Court Will Hold First-Ever Hearing On Climate Change Science

WEB Notes: For years now we have heard about the falsification of climate change. How the numbers were modified to make it appear as if man has somehow changed our world. The entire thing should be thrown out and sensible solutions to control pollution put in place.

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Diesel Ban Approved For German Cities To Cut Pollution

WEB Notes: They always go after a few older vehicles as if that will actually reduce pollution by any significant amount. How about go after the corporations and look at how the government itself pollutes.

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California Water Agency Officials Charged With Burying Hazardous Waste And Corruption

California’s attorney general has charged five former and current employees of the Panoche Water District in central California with felonies, including using public funds for personal items and illegally burying barrels of hazardous waste.

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Plastic Pollution Reaching Record Levels In Once Pristine Arctic

WEB Notes: Our Father does not appreciate His creation being polluted which certainly causes much destruction to ecosystems…

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