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Did Pope Francis Say There Is No Hell?

It is being claimed that Pope Francis has stated, hell does not exist. I have seen commentators all over the globe chime in on this. Did he say it? Other commentators say, ‘then what did Christ die for?’ On and on it goes. There is one simple answer… What did God say? After all, it is His, God’s Word, not man’s word, so we should check in with Him for the answer…

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Why Americans Are Unhappier Than Ever – And How To Fix It

I found an article this morning with the title, “Why Americans Are Unhappier Than Ever – And How To Fix It“. The author had some good thoughts on the subject, yet some I did not quite agree with.

But it got me thinking…

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My Letter To Defense Secretary James Mattis

US Soldiers Bow For Prayer

US Soldiers Bow For Prayer

I recently read an article that explained how two atheist organizations worked together and filed a complaint with the Department of Defense over graduation prayers. Working together, the two athiest organizatons penned a letter that was sent to Defense Secretary James Mattis in a formal complaint.

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2017 In Review: Morality Crumbles, Debt Accelerates And Global Powers Turn Their Attention To Iran

Boat With Lantern Tossed in the Rough Sea

Boat With Lantern Tossed in the Rough Sea

2017 has taken us on quite a ride. The events of this year once again eclipsed the events of the previous year, a trend that continues year after year.

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Our Evacuation Experience During The Northern California Wildfires

Cascade Fire Northern California Wildfires

Governor Jerry Brown: ‘We haven’t seen anything like this in Northern California’ speaking on the 2017 wildfires.

On October 9th at 2AM in the morning we received a call from our neighbor and friend, she told us there was a fire in our foothill community and she could see the fire from her home.

My first reaction was to go outside and see how close the fire was to our home. As I opened the front door and walked out the air was filled with smoke, far more smoke than I had ever seen during a fire. Thankfully, I could not see any light or glow in the sky from the fire, that told me it was a fair distance away.

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Prayers For Northern California Residents Due To Wildfire

We awoke at 2am to evacuate our home this morning due to a fire burning through our community. Our family is okay.

Unfortunately, some have lost their homes. Please pray for everyone’s safety and peace of mind as these fires continue to burn.

Thank you.

The Division Of A Nation Escalates

asphalt crack fissure divide

Without a doubt, we have an enormous and escalated agenda taking place in our nation. We touched on it two days ago in this post. I know nothing about the Daily Stormer and never heard of them until a few days ago.

Yet, that site has been banned by Facebook, Twitter, GoDaddy, Google and now Cloudflare who once said they will defend anyone. You better wake up people. The hour is growing very late. This is not about so called “white power“…

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ISIS Proxy Army of the West Attacks Iran – Video

Who funds ISIS and why do they always attack the people when they are being attacked by the governments of the world? Why did ISIS attack the Iranian government instead of the people as they do in the West? Join us for this timely discussion of world events.

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Discussion Around The MOAB Strike On “ISIS” – Video

Discussion around the MOAB strike on “ISIS” and other brief commentary concerning world news over the last couple of days.

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Mainstream Media: Assad Killed Them In Their Bed

I happened to be around a TV set today and just could not believe how much the media is parroting “Assad used chemical weapons on his own people“. They simply continue to repeat the lie over and over again. Not once did I hear them say, there is no proof. Of course, there is no proof. The entire notion that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people is a lie, a false narrative that is being used to push full scale war on Syria.

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January 15th: 70 Nations Will Meet At The Israeli-Palestinian Peace Summit

Jaffa Gate Wall Israel

Jaffa Gate Wall, Israel

By: Brandon T. Ward

Much fear and hype is being placed around a Peace Summit that will take place on January 15th. This summit will feature 70 nations from around the globe who will meet in Paris, France to discuss the issue of a two state solution between Israel and the Palestinians. This certainly is not an unprecedented event, these so-called meetings of peace have been taking place for years now and as Christians we understand there will be no peace until our Lord and Savior returns (1 Thessalonians 5:3).

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Signs, Seasons and the Escalation of Events in 2016

Santorini Akrotiri Lighthouse

By: Brandon T. Ward

In last years “Signs and Seasons” study we discussed how rapidly the events in our world are unfolding. How the events of our world continue to escalate year after year setting a new precedent with each passing day. With each passing precedent, it makes it that much easier to accomplish the next, which means a much bigger acceleration in prophecy.

We also discussed how we all need to relax and let God’s Word come to pass. How we need to be patient and not rush the Word. I extend that message for this year’s study and add to watch and protect yourself against the deception of our time.

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