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La County Leaders Greenlight Effort To Pay Homeowners To House The Homeless

WEB Notes: Oregon is doing something like this as well. No one knows how to address problems these days. All they look at is the result of the problem and address that. Now what on this good green earth is going to happen here? Right off the bat, tax payer money is going to homeowners to add or fix up another home on their property to supposedly take care of the homeless. This is going to cost a fortune and bring in the homeless community to areas where people moved to get away from all of that. Then we will have investors who will jump on that free money, fix up homes and sell them for bigger profits all off your back. So it is.

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The Boom Is Booming and Home Depot Is Setting Records

WEB Notes: Since 51% of Americans make less than 30k a year, I assume those of this bunch are not using their income to play re-model. I would caution anyone refinancing their home to remodel. If/when the market turns you will have more debt on top of your head. You can also check before you update your home to see how much each of those upgrades will actually net in re-sale value.

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Under Armour, Intel CEOs Quit Trump’s Job Council Over Charlottesville Rally Response

WEB Notes: If you were not engaged in politics buddy you would have never been on the council to begin with. But there was something in it for these guys, now whatever it was is gone. So what to do? Jump ship of course…

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As Many As 160 Applebee’s And IHOP Locations To Close

WEB Notes: Are they going out of business due to the economy? Probably not, more than likely due to the low quality food they sell.

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Trump’s China Trade Crackdown Coming Monday

President Donald Trump is ready to launch a new trade crackdown on China next week, an administration official confirmed.

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$126 Billion: The Cryptocurrency Market Just Set a New All-Time High

WEB Notes: Based on nothing but a tick mark on a computer screen, just like the US Dollar.

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The Fed Has 6,200 Tons of Gold in a Manhattan Basement — Or Does it?

WEB Notes: One of the biggest scams of all time. The Federal Reserve is not “Federal” nor do they possess any “Reserves”. Great name though and it has fooled a nation for over 100 years now.

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Despite Record Stock Markets, Almost Half of Americans Own No Stocks

WEB Notes: I am sure one could come up with many reasons for this. A couple main points being it is a shell game and I think many understand that much. Secondly, not many people can afford to place their money on a table considered gentlemen’s gambling.

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Jim Rogers Says The ‘Biggest Crisis In His Life’ Is Less Than A Year Away

WEB Notes: Type “Jim Rogers” into our search field and you will find more warnings of doom over the years. The problem is when? People are always setting timelines for this stuff and no know really knows when it will happen. Eventually Rogers and others will be right. But does that make one a wizard when they say it every three months? I do not like our readers to be worried about these type of things. Know the financial system is artificially inflated and have your ducks in order and you will be okay. Your ducks in order partially means to be out of debt.

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Ship-Building Slump Starting to Turn Around, Cargotec’s CEO Says

Cargotec Oyj says the ship-building crisis that prompted a slump in its order book over the past few years is showing early signs of a turnaround.

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Damning Study Shows Govts Rob Taxpayers $5 Trillion a Year to Keep Fossil Fuel Industry Going

WEB Notes: The last portion of this article is interesting. It costs as much a $1 dollar per gallon at the pump in order for the US military to “protect” over seas sources… You do realize the United States produces more oil than any other nation on the face of the earth. So why do we need to protect over seas sources at an added cost of $1 a gallon…

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Americans Now Have The Highest Credit-Card Debt In U.S. History

WEB Notes: America, what are you thinking? Is that new gadget that important to you that you feel the need to go into debt for it? To pay more for it than it is actually worth through interest? Usury makes you a slave and most of the things we buy end up in the trash or donation pile in a year from now. All for what? To go into debt so you can work longer for things that truly do not matter. Forget what I said, what I said is not important. What your Father says is important. So what does God have to say about going into debt? Let us find out…

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