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Girl Puts Up Lemonade Stand, Told To Pay For Business License

The city of Porterville is now apologizing to a 5-year-old girl after her family received a letter saying she needs a business license.

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Defense Department: The War On Terror Has Cost $250 Million A Day For 16 Years

WEB Notes: How much safer are you? How much more freedom do you have? It only cost us tax payers $1.46 trillion dollars since 2001. What did you gain since that time? A whole lot of nothing obviously from the numbers and the government gets a free peep show when you and your family fly. How about that.

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Kentucky Judge Facing Ethics Charges for Recusing Self From Same-Sex Adoption Cases Resigns

WEB Notes: Remember when they told you homosexuals only wanted to be equal? I hope you were not one of the people who fell for that lie. Now the Christian is becoming the criminal. This judge and the Christian cake bakers are a great example. I bet many “Christians” actually think this is okay. “Well the Judge did not do his job so off he goes”. His job is to uphold the law of the land which is the Constitution. Instead government twists that law to fit their wicked ideals. Yes, wicked ideals. We are going to call it what it is. God said that type of behavior is wicked, take a look at the filth coming out from Hollywood, all of the rape and homosexual allegations and you tell me that is righteous.

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Theresa May Calls For Watchdog To Investigate MPs Mistreating Their Staff As Top Politicians Are Accused Of Sexual Harassment

WEB Notes: Sexual deviancy seems to be a huge topic right now. I am sure you are all well verses with the allegations coming out of Hollywood. None of this stuff just suddenly occurred, it has been going on for years and years. So why is it all being aired out right now?… Distractions and to lower the publics morality…

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JFK Files: CIA Plotted To Kill Castro, Stage Bombings In Miami

WEB Notes: The whole release has been odd enough. Let’s put them out there, pull them back, release them, but not all of them. As I mentioned in a comment yesterday, “Anything that is released would seem highly suspect considering this case.”…

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Twitter Bans All RT Advertising, Citing ‘Election Interference’

WEB Notes: Everyone seems to be getting banned from something these days. An alternative media outlet, Activist Post is saying their YouTube channel has been terminated…

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$70 Yosemite Entrance Fee: Big Increases Proposed For Parks

WEB Notes: This is absolutely ridiculous. Look at the excuse made in the third paragraph. “The infrastructure of our national parks is aging.” How can it be aging if we have been giving you $25-30 bucks for a car to drive through? What exactly have you been doing with that money?…

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Eye-Opening Survey Shows No.1 Fear for US Citizens is Government, NOT Terrorism

WEB Notes: I am sure this is not a surprise to our readers. The fact of the matter is government has grown far too large, to the point where it is a hinderance, not helpful.

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Air Force Punishes Colonel Who Refused To Affirm Gay Marriage, Attorney Says

WEB Notes: Remember, it used to be if you were homosexual you had to be quite about it in the US military. Now it is openly accepted, so much so in fact if you bat an eye at it you can lose your career as this Leland is looking at. This is extremely sad to see, standing up for God is now costing people things in life they have worked for all their life. This is certainly another sign as to where we are on our Father’s timeline.

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Federal Court Rules World War I Memorial Cross Must Be Torn Down

WEB Notes: This is a bunch of trash. No one is stopping the atheists from their belief. To them a cross is just a piece of stone or wood as it is to us. It is simply symbology. To them it would be to a false god. How about these bums go into all the asian restaurants and demand all the Buddha statues be removed? Why don’t they demand all the Lenin statues removed in this nation? This makes me sick and backs up the point just made in this article. If it looks, acts or smells Christian it must be exterminated.

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Facebook And Twitter Could Be Hit By New Tax As Part Of Government Crackdown

WEB Notes: This has everything to do with limiting free speech online. Regulating what can and what cannot be said. In another article they discuss how Google could be held accountable for what they post online. Their “posts” would be their search engine results from a search query…

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US Intelligence Unit Accused Of Illegally Spying On Americans’ Financial Records

WEB Notes: What else is new? This is not the first time and it certainly will not be the last time.

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