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Parents Upset Over Active Shooter Drill Done ‘To Expose Students To Sound Of Gunfire’

WEB Notes: “Active shooter” drills are all about keeping you and your family in a constant state of fear. Do you know how rare a school shooting is? If they want these kids to get used to the sound of a firearm, how about a firearms class. Fear and hype and how many are going to be sucked into this thinking it is a good thing?

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Georgia School Reinstates Paddle Policy

WEB Notes: This is fantastic. Our world needs more discipline, the lack of discipline is one of the reasons why it is a mixed up mess. The ol “paddle” or “stick” as some call it is a great motivator to do what is right. This is right inline with the Bible in case you are wondering…

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Study: 1 In 4 College Students Diagnosed With Mental Health Condition

WEB Notes: I do not want to sound insensitive, but I am a realist. Exactly what did we expect when we handed out trophies to all of our children in t-ball? What did we expect when all of our children were always a winner? People have come up with this notion that we should baby our children, somehow that was supposed to protect them…

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‘13-Year-Olds Can Have Sex If They Want’, NHS & Scot Govt Resource Says

WEB Notes: Only a sicko would want something like this. Instead of worrying about our children’s educations, someone wack job is worried about making it legal for them to have sex. I wonder why.

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California Set to Become First State Requiring Colleges to Offer Abortion Pills as ‘Basic Health Service’

WEB Notes: Welcome to 2018. Can you believe this? Of course you can. Filth, perversion and all things wrong are flipped right. Our Father’s Letter told us the last days would be like this…

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Top US University Ditches Report Linking Transgenderism To Peer Pressure After Activists Complain

WEB Notes: We have pointed this out in the past, it is common sense at this point. But they proved it and then allowed themselves to be silenced. Look, if you are going to open your mouth, have a plan and stick to it. Did this college honestly think their report was going to be greeted with open arms by the trans community? Never, ever hide the truth.

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Christian Law School Makes Mockery Of Its Faith By Abandoning Morality Pledge

WEB Notes: The school should have kept its pledge. It does not matter if half or more of their students are not Christian. A simple statement saying, “to live by Biblical principles” is a good standard to follow, even for a non-believer…

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Florida Schools Must Now Display ‘In God We Trust’ On All Buildings

WEB Notes: You remember when the Florida house passed this bill. Now it is an actuality. Florida schools, like Tennessee must place the phrase “In God We Trust” on their campus where it will be readily seen. This is a great trend that we need to keep moving forward and should put the hammer to the atheist organization who is constantly complaining about such things…

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Former U.S. Secretary Of Education Arne Duncan: “The Education System Runs On Lies”

WEB Notes: Arne is right about a few things anyway. The source has the full interview.

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College Stops Student From Handing Out Constitution, Tells Him Save It For Free Speech Zone

WEB Notes: Free speech zone? You must be kidding me. Now this is not the first time we have heard about this, but it should be a shock to us every time, otherwise it becomes normal for us and that is a loss of rights. This kid is suing the college and good for him. We all need to make stands and then let the world know about it. If we cannot have free speech in college, soon we will not have it anywhere. Think about it.

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Genetically Modified Babies Given Go Ahead By UK Ethics Body

WEB Notes: First it was Dolly the sheep right, they cloned her. I am sure there were things in between since then, but what jumps out to me next is the three-parent baby, you remember that one…

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School District Threatens to Call Police After Mystery Person Gives Out Free Bibles on Campus

WEB Notes: What a horrible thing this person did. They passed out free Bibles. Can you believe the world today? Have you ever heard of someone calling the police on those folks who hand out brochures in parking lots? This is the same thing. This is a classic example of those who have pleasure in unrighteousness, (2 Thessalonians 2:12). Some people just hate our Father, what a shame.

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