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A Worldwide Debt Default Is A Real Possibility

WEB Notes: This is from Forbes. Over and over again, we see the mainstream media planting seeds of financial chaos in our future. Can we say we have not been warned? We knew this day would come, just when was the only question…

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Goldman Sachs Believes The US Economy Will Slow To A Crawl Next Year

WEB Notes: As we have said for awhile, we expect the economy to take a dive in the next two years. I think we have about 1-1.5 years left on that original thought. That continues to look more likely with all the top financial institutions chiming in. It would seem the date is set and they have prepared us for the next event. It will not just the US economy that slows however.

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The Stock Market Lost More Than $2 Trillion In October

WEB Notes: Come on folks, this has to be the best line of the year. The money just vanished right? I mean that money was there and then it was gone. I tell you what, someone has your money don’t they, but you sure don’t…

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Wolfstreet: Why I Think The Ugly October In Stocks Is Just A Preamble

Let me just say right up front: The stock market did not “collapse.” It has experienced a sell-off that made some people’s ears ring, as sell-offs normally do, and October has been ugly so far, but it wasn’t a “collapse.”

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Spain’s Mortgage Market Seizes Up, Bank Stocks Sink, Legal Uncertainty Reigns

In the last five trading days, the shares of Spain’s five largest listed banks have re-energized their plunge that had started at the end of January and now amounts to 40%. The cause for the recent drop?

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World Stocks Head For Worst Losing Streak In Over Half A Decade

Seeds Of Next Global Financial Crisis Being Sown – IMF

WEB Notes: The seeds are certainly being sown. Seeds of doubt in your mind about the economy. We have spoken a lot lately about the economy, how it is built on funny money. They could keep the shell game going as long as they want, but it appears they are not going to do that. These are signals that the powers that be are ready to bring it all down…

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IMF Cuts World Economic Growth Forecasts On Tariff War, Emerging Market Strains

The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday cut its global economic growth forecasts for 2018 and 2019, saying that the U.S-China trade war was taking a toll and emerging markets were struggling with tighter liquidity and capital outflows.

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Era Of Bank Secrecy Ends As Swiss Start Sharing Account Data

WEB Notes: A Swiss bank account that is not secret? Soon the word “secret” will no longer exist.

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U.S. Fed Buys $1.1 Billion Of Mortgage Bonds, Sells None

WEB Notes: The Federal Reserve has to buy these bonds as no one else wants to hold them. This is helping to prop up the housing market. If the Fed stopped buying these bonds and continues to raise the interest rates you would see the market crash a lot faster than it will.

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Fed Raises Interest Rates For Third Time In 2018, Citing Job Growth

Executives Are Selling Off Their Company’s Stock At A Record Pace

WEB Notes: Gee, I wonder why. The market is beyond record highs based on nothing but emotion. Of course these fat cats are going to sell. If you don’t sell then you are the guy left holding the bag, and you do not want to be that guy. This one comes on the heels of the Federal Reserve’s announcement that they are raising interest rates again…

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