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Trump Says U.S. Should Have Stolen Iraq’s Oil, and ‘Maybe We’ll Have Another Chance’

WEB Notes: Repeat the lie often enough and the people will believe it. No, Mr. Trump, ISIS was not created or funded by the oil in Iraq. That lie has been repeated so often I am sure people believe it though. It has been proven, over and over the US has funded the terrorists in the Middle East, including ISIS. You can find some of our past video commentary on ISIS here.

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Turkey Calls US ‘Wild Wolves’, Vows To Abandon Dollar In Trade

WEB Notes: The current global structure continues to fight against itself. This will continue until the global restructure which marks the rise of the Ten Clay Kings.

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US To Continue Backing Saudi Coalition In Yemen War

WEB Notes: The US continues to back and sponsor wars it has no business in to begin with. This is not about making America great or protecting you. This is about globalism and continuing to transform the middle east into a region that is completely accepting of the globalist ideal.

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US Cuts More Than $200 Million In U.S. Aid To Palestinians

WEB Notes: I love seeing US tax dollars stay at home, but that was not necessarily indicated by this story. On another note, should the US actually remove this money from the Palestinians, it will cause more financial pain and worsen the living conditions and the political landscape in the region…

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Turkey Braces For Hard Times Amid Currency Crisis, US Spat

Some Turks are reacting with defiance to their plunging currency and an escalating trade and political dispute with the United States – an indication that they are ready to endure economic pain and risk further deterioration in a key, yet troubled alliance dating from the Cold War.

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Turkish Lira Loss Deepens As PM Erdogan Calls For Citizens To Convert Out Of Dollars, Gold

WEB Notes: This is the current global structure fighting with itself. See “The Ram and The He Goat” to gain a better understanding of why the children of Satan are seeking a truly one world government system.

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Turkish Banks Scramble To Stave Off Debt Crisis, As Lira Plummets

Desperation is rising in Turkey’s banking sector following months of escalating political and financial instability. Benchmark interest rates have been hiked 10 percentage points so far this year to over 17%, making it much more expensive for companies and families to service their debt. But even that hasn’t stopped the Turkish Lira from plunging almost 25% since March.

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Trump Staffs Up Mideast Team For Peace Plan Rollout

WEB Notes: Try, try, try as they might, but there will not be a real peace treaty in the Middle East, 1 Thessalonians 5:3 is your reminder of that.

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Trump Seeks To Revive ‘Arab NATO’ To Confront Iran

WEB Notes: Trump just keep digging and digging. You all remember “Arab NATO” right? Of course, you do. More globalism is what we are talking about. Another global army and this one is designed to be used against Iran. The globalists are getting there way and moving toward the next phase of their plans slowly, but surely…

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Turkey To Be Transformed As Erdogan Sworn In With Vastly Expanded Powers

WEB Notes: Erdogan has been consolidating power for a number of years now. Looking at this from a more global scale, this will help the globalists in the long run consolidate power globally. Remember, Turkey is a part of the globalist system, they are even a part of NATO.

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World Bank Approves $500M Loan For Tunisia

WEB Notes: The World Bank is always ready to help a fellow friend go further into debt. Not the last sentence of this excerpt below. “Successful democratic transition”.

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Celebrations, Tears As Saudi Arabia Overturns Ban On Women Driving

WEB Notes: This may not seen like a bit deal to you, but I guarantee you it is. We are seeing Saudi Arabia, a radical Muslim nation making strides to become more like the rest of the world. “Becoming more like the rest of the world”…

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