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Turkey Urges Islamic World To Unite Against Israel, Calls Summit

Turkey has urged Islamic countries to review their ties with Israel after dozens of Palestinians were killed by Israeli fire on the Gaza border.

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Saudi Arabia Downs Yemeni Rebel Missile

WEB Notes: When you hear the name “Huthis rebels,” that is code speak for Iran. The United States has said they are the ones funding these rebels. So there you have it, everyone supports some rebel cause, Iran down to the United States.

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Trump Asking Arab Nations To Replace US Military In Syria After Defeat Of ISIS

WEB Notes: The children of Satan must be very pleased how well their plans for the world have come together over the last 20-30 years. In the 60s the Arabs were essentially a united people, we saw that with their war with the nation named Israel…

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Saudi Air Defense Forces Intercept Missile Over Riyadh

WEB Notes: Of course the article goes on to say this is an Iranian missile, just like the last time around. Remember how much military armament the US just sold to Saudi Arabia (and more)? That hardware was not meant to just sit on a shelf. Also remember the globalists plan, “Which Path To Persia?

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White House Approves $1.3 Billion Sale Of Artillery To Saudi Arabia

WEB Notes: This now accounts for a total of $2.3 billion in weapon sales to Saudi Arabia. Just last week the US sold $1 billion worth of missiles to the Arab kingdom. You should find it interesting, no one is supplying Iran with arms, but all of Iran’s enemies are being loaded up.

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Russia, Turkey and Iran Are Planning Syria’s Future Without the U.S.

Leaders from Russia, Turkey and Iran will meet on Wednesday to plan the future of Syria and how to end the bloody civil war that has dragged on for seven years. But the U.S. and other Western countries are conspicuously absent from the meeting.

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Erdogan: You Are A Terrorist, Netanyahu: You Are A Butcher

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday with slaughter in the northern Syrian city of Afrin, taking off his gloves and responding in kind to Erdogan’s sharp criticism of Israel’s reaction to Friday’s march in Gaza.

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Mattis Admits US Involved in Planning Saudi Strikes in Yemen

WEB Notes: When is the US not involved with the overthrow of another nation? I do not know how many more ways it can be displayed to you. Globalism is real and it is an active force driving the world’s militaries to centralize control, each and everyday.

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U.S. Approves $1 Billion Arms Sale To Saudi Arabia, Including 6,600 Missiles

WEB Notes: It sounds like US allies are being armed for war…

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Ballistic Missile Attack On Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Kills 1 Person

Yemen’s Shiite rebels fired a barrage of ballistic missiles targeting Saudi Arabia late Sunday on the third anniversary of a kingdom-led war in Yemen, with fragments of one missile over Riyadh killing one person and wounding two.

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Trump Signs Bill Cutting Aid To Palestinians

US President Donald Trump signed the Tylor Force Act on Friday, cutting funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) if it continues to pay the salaries of prisoners, freed prisoners and the families of those killed by Israel, Arab48 reported.

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Iraq War 15 Years On: How America Brought Chaos & Bloodshed To A Nation

WEB Notes: I am sure a lot of Americans are going to be appalled by this headline, but should they be? I recall during the Bush Jr. era, he was on TV telling us how the US had to go invade Iraq, I mean he worked so hard to get your buy-in…

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