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Israeli Rockets Strike Military Position Near Aleppo: Syrian State Media

WEB Notes: For the record, Iran has been in Syria for years and years. They have been allies for more years then I can remember. This is just an excuse to escalate the attack on Syria. Even John Bolton just stated the situation in Syria is becoming “more serious”.

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Bolton: US Troops Will Remain in Syria ‘As Long As the Iranian Menace Continues’

WEB Notes: The ISIS Caliphate? Give me a break already, they never had one and when was ISIS even in the news last. Oh yes, now it is the Iranian menace? Why does that phrase remind me of a comic series? These guys will come up with any reason to stay in Syria, there is too much sand will be next.

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Putin: Over 20 Aircraft, 1,000 Personnel Withdrawn From Syria Over Past Days

WEB Notes: In words this is a growing trend, we will have to continue to watch to see if it continues. The US is not removing forces however and if this trend continues it makes me think a larger operation against Assad may be on the horizon.

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Trump Will Demand Of Putin A Total Iranian Exit From Syria

WEB Notes: More nonsense. Iran does not need to be next door to Israel to attack it. We were told years ago Iran has missiles capable of striking Israel from Iran. They are probably capable of dropping only party gifts, but hey…

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Israel In Panic Over Losing Their ‘Dear’ ISIS & Al-Nusra Terrorists In Syria

WEB Notes: It is small miracle that the government of Syria still stands after all of these years of foreign intervention. Do you notice how we do not hear of an Arab Spring anymore? No more talk about a Civil War? Instead, the talk is of how Assad treats his people. It is an ever-changing narrative, but the obvious goal is removing Assad and setting up a globalist system in Syria.

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U.S. Bombs Syrian Army Position

WEB Notes: Another day, another dead Syrian at the hand of the US government and no one seems to care. But hey, make sure you focus on the “immigration” debate.

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Syria Says US-Led Strike Hits Troops In East, US Denies

WEB Notes: The US has caused more damage in Syria than I think any of us realize. All for what? What does the common American believe is the reason for the war in Syria? Do they even realize it is taking place might be the better question?

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U.S. To Take ‘Firm, Appropriate Measures’ Against Syria Violations

WEB Notes: A part of making “America Great Again” is removing it from the globalist agenda and that is not happening. The US has absolutely no right to be in Syria. The entire reason they are in Syria is under the guise of George Soros humanitarian doctrine. This is about globalism and regime change. You all remember the “Responsibility to Protect” doctrine right? Here are some WEB Notes as a refresher.

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UN Report Confirms Debris From Missiles That Hit Saudis From Iran

WEB Notes: It could, might be, we are not sure from Iran. Alrighty then! In other news, The US plans to resume support for the White Helmets in Syria who are of course tied to terrorists. Ol Trump is smart, he should be able to figure that out since everyone else already knows about it. Yet another sign the new boss is the same as the old boss. The marching orders are always inline with the globalist agenda.

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Assad: UK, US, France Prolonging War In Syria

WEB Notes: Everytime Assad spills the beans it confirms what we already know to be true. I bet the children of Satan are sorely displeased at the length of time it is taking to remove Assad from power.

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U.S. Airstrikes Targeting Islamic State Surge 300 Percent

WEB Notes: Now ol Trumpie just told us weeks ago he was going to pull the US out of Syria. Then we had Israel launch a major attack on Syria. Now more attacks against ISIS by US forces…

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U.S Military Will Leave Syria Base In Deal With Russia

WEB Notes: Highly doubtful. We have been told numerous times by this US admin they will remain in Syria for years to come. I do not expect that to change.

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