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Syria Says U.S. Led Coalition Fired Missiles On Its Positions

WEB Notes: The article states this is rare, yet we know this happens regularly from other reports. US forces are actually in Syria and they have been there for sometime now without the permission of the Syria government. I wonder what the US response would be is Syria landed on our soil. I think we all know…

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Over 60 Civilians Killed In US-Led Coalition Airstrikes In Syria

WEB Notes: This will be considered okay, then they try and point the finger at Syria’s President Assad anytime someone catches a cold over there.

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U.S. Begins Training Turkish Troops For Patrols In Syria’s Manbij

WEB Notes: Did Syria get a say in the matter? Nope. They are not inline with the globalists, that is the entire reason why their country is being attacked by the globalists.

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Russian Decision To Deploy S-300 In Syria ‘A Major Mistake’: US

The United States says the Russia decision to supply Syria with an advanced air defence missile system is a “major mistake”.

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Missiles Fired on Syrian Army Infrastructure in Latakia

Israel ‘Strikes Weapons Depot Meant For Iran Or Hezbollah Near Damascus Airport’

WEB Notes: Yet another violation by Israel of Syria’s sovereignty. This is nothing new and has gone unnoticed or with little mentioned for years now. It truely is interesting to see how long Basher Assad has been able to cling to power in Syria. This is why we cannot rush the Word of God and prophecy, (Isaiah 17:1). It will all happen on His Time, we are simply to watch and continue in study.

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US Jets Strike Syrian Town With Banned White Phosphorus Bombs – Russia

WEB Notes: This is no surprise, the US has no business in Syria to begin with. In other news, reports are indicating Syria’s President Basher Assad is planning to us a chemical gas to attack the rebels in the Syria town of Idlib. Can we use common sense for just a moment?…

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Russia Warns US Of Pending Attack In Syrian Area With US Troops

Trump Warns Syria Not To ‘Recklessly Attack’ Idlib Province

WEB Notes: Only a globalist would say something like that. Assad, Syria’s President is trying to take back his nation from foreign supported terrorists. Trump has no right to tell Assad not to reunite his own country. All of this coming from the man, like his predecessor, who caused destabilization in the middle east all in the name of “fighting terrorism”. I bet my kids could have done a better job fighting terrorists than these guys. That is due to the fact they are not fighting them, but helping them destabilize Assad and the middle east…

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Syria Delivers Evidence to UN Showing Peparations for False Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib

During a speech delivered on Tuesday to the United Nations Security Council, Syria’s Permanent UN Representative Bashir al-Jaafari claimed to have provided information to the council that was evidence that armed opposition groups, including Al Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front, were gearing up to use chemical weapons against civilians in the Syrian province of Idlib in an effort to frame the Syrian government for the attack.

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U.N. Fears Chemical Weapons In Syria Battle With ‘10,000 Terrorists’

WEB Notes: The saga goes on and on. The only terrorists in Syria are manufactured ones.

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Russia Deploys Fleet Off Syria While Claiming U.S. Preparing For Possible Strike

WEB Notes: This would not be a surprise to anyone, especially Syria’s leader Assad. In other news, Russia is holding their largest military drill since 1981.

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