Topic: New World Order

Earth Changes

Let's Save The Planet By Living In Space!

The ultra-rich and powerful have yet another idea for the planet, well, space. Jeff Bezos, Mr. Amazon himself sees a future where a trillion humans live in space on cylinder-like space colonies. These colonies would


The New World Order Is Being Implemented

It’s official. The United States has gone full-blown communist. The Biden Administration has now dictated through OSHA, that companies with more than 100 employees must ensure they are vaccinated by January 4th. If not, these


We Are Enabling The Radical Globalists

Call them radical lefties, radical liberals, or radical globalists if you want to. We are enabling the people who are concerned about what we believe, think, and say. Those who want to tell us how


Remember Event 201 And The Rockefeller Scenario?

The news is all the same, more of the same. So instead of wasting our time on that this morning. How about a little reflection? You know, sometimes it’s hard to know where you are

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