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General Motors halts operations in Venezuela after factory is seized

WEB Notes: Boohoo. They should have considered this as an option before they outsourced American jobs. The US government is also to blame for their extremely high taxation rate on American business. This is yet another sign that Venezuela is suffering dramatically economically and we are starting to see them in the news once again.

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Venezuela illegally issued 10,000 passports to Syrians, Iranians, report says

WEB Notes: Well that is in direct violation of the “global force for good” known as the US and other Global Powers. Venezuela is now peddling terrorism we will be told and remember, Venezuela is not a part of the global financial system. They are still the enemy. This sounds like a good start to getting them wrapped up into the ‘war on terror’.

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New Venezuela clashes, US voices ‘grave concern’

WEB Notes: Is anyone else paying attention to the fact the only nations in the news are Venezuela, Iran, Syria and North Korea. Nations who are not a part of the globalist system, the global financial system. This is no coincidence, this is by design. These nations need to brought into the global system and that is why we constantly hear of them having problems or them causing problems and always the reason why the US must intervene.

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Death toll from Colombia landslide climbs to 262

Colombia’s President Juan Manuel Santos confirmed Monday that the death toll from Saturday’s landslide in Mocoa had increased to 262, including 43 children.

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White House calls for domestic cuts to finance border wall

WEB Notes: Yes, let’s remove more funds from America’s infrastructure that is already rotting away. We just discussed how 62% of illegal immigrants use welfare programs. So the problem is government polices. Stop giving out the tax money and they will not only stop coming here, but they will deport themselves. This is common sense. A wall will stop nothing, they will simply scale the wall as this Mexican Congressmen did or dig under it. Yet, the new administration wants to spent $3 billion of your tax dollars to build it anyway.

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Peru declares state of emergency in more than 800 cities – Video

Due to abnormally high rainfall and the worst flooding in two decades, Peru has declared a state of emergency across half of the country, in more than 800 cities.

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Venezuela Seizes Bakeries Amid Bread Shortage

WEB Notes: Venezuela is in a real bad state of affairs and the government overreach is hitting new levels. Hopefully Americans are paying attention and yes this can happen in your nation. It is already happening on many different levels. Christian bakers are loosing their livelihood because of government intervention and people are loosing their right to freedom and privacy due to government intervention. It is and has been going on for sometime. The only question is have you finally opened your eyes to it?

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Brazil’s economy enters worst recession on record

Latin America’s largest economy Brazil has contracted by 3.6 percent in 2016, shrinking for the second year in a row; statistics agency IBGE said on Tuesday. It confirmed the country is facing its longest and deepest recession in recorded history.

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Mexican congressman climbs U.S. border fence to illustrate that Trump’s wall is ‘totally absurd’

WEB Notes: As we have said before, a border fence of this magnitude is how children respond to an issue like this. The fences are easily scalable which documents in of itself this measure is only meant to appear as a solution while not providing a real solution at all. It appears to fix the problem, the only thing is actual does is remove more tax dollars from your pocket.

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Venezuela is down to its last $10 billion

Venezuela only has $10.5 billion in foreign reserves left, according to its most recent central bank data.For rest of the year, Venezuela owes roughly $7.2 billion in outstanding debt payments.

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Brazil’s poorest region suffers worst drought in a century

A cow’s skull lies baking in the sun and nearby another dead cow rots, symbols of the desolation gripping northeastern Brazil during its worst drought in a century.

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Study: Venezuelans lost 19 lbs. on average over past year due to lack of food

In a new sign that Venezuela’s financial crisis is morphing dangerously into a humanitarian one, a new nationwide survey shows that in the past year nearly 75 percent of the population lost an average of 19 pounds for lack of food.

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