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A Quarter Of Non-Believers Pray When Faced With A Crisis

WEB Notes: You have heard us say many times, there are no half beliefs, you either believe in our Father or you do not. You either stand with Him and His Word or you do not…

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Over 200 Million Christians Facing Severe Persecution Worldwide

WEB Notes: The only reason they care to tell you this now is the Global Powers of this world wish to remove the government of North Korea from power and replace it with one they control…

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Gideons No Longer Allowed to Offer Bibles at Kansas Elementary School Following Complaint

WEB Notes: Maybe those same parents would prefer what Teen Vogue magazine promotes these days. Very sad to see our Father’s Word removed over a simply complaint. You will never be able to appease all of the people all of the time so do not even try.

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A Group of Christian Retirees are Using RV’s to Prove Age is But a Number

Proving that retirement doesn’t mean slowing down, retired Christians from “every corner” of the United States and Canada are finding new ways to grow their faith and give back through Roving Volunteers In Christ’s Service, a “non-denominational Christian organization for couples with a heart to serve the Lord during their retirement years.”

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Family in India Receives Notice to Stop Christian Gatherings in Their Home

WEB Notes: This is persecution and Christians living in lands like these face it every single day. Unfortunately, we are starting to see this type of persecution in our own nation. Christians can no longer refuse service to someone based on their heathen request to bake a homosexual inspired cake. We are asked not to pray to God during meals and the list goes on and on. If we all stay silent and allow it to happen, we will escalate this decline. Holding your peace is not such a good idea.

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Egypt’s Crackdown On Christians Getting Tighter

WEB Notes: Reports for several years now have told us the Christian population in the middle east is dwindling, we also see that continue to occur in Egypt as well. In those nations, war and terrorism is needed. In the Christian nations all they have to do is tell you Christ is offensive and as a people we just nod out head and embrace perversion.

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New Mexico Ten Commandments Monument to Be Moved to Church After Being Declared ‘Unconstitutional’

WEB Notes: In 2017 God’s Word, His Law is considered “unconstitutional.” Anything that is righteous in this day and age is consider offensive. Why? It gets in the way of the perversion that is reigning supreme. Let me ask you a question…

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Why Bringing A Gun To Church Is A Pretty Good Idea

26 Dead, 20 Injured In Massacre At Rural Texas Church In Worst Mass Shooting In State’s History

WEB Notes: First, our prayers go out to everyone effected by this latest tragedy to strike our nation. Another horrible event for our nation. At one time, these type of events were unimaginable, now they are common place…

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4 of the Bible’s Ten Commandments Are No Longer Deemed Important to Live by in Great Britain

WEB Notes:I am the Lord your God. You shall have no other God before me.” Remember that one? It is the first of the Ten Commandments. Only 20% of Britains actually think that commandment is still important. How did we get to this point?…

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‘We Could Have Faced the Death Penalty’: Man Who Escaped North Korea Tells of Having to Keep Church ‘Secret’

WEB Notes: These types of stories are so amazing to hear about. Note, this was a church. It was not a building, simply a congregation of people who are under Christ. That is what a church is.

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Can You Be Good Without God?

WEB Notes: If God did not exist, then there would be no such thing as morality. There would be no good or evil. God defines what is good and what is evil, period…

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