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Morgan Stanley Says Dollar Bull Run Has Ended, Time to Sell

The dollar’s bull run has ended and it’s time to sell the currency, according to Morgan Stanley.

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Russia Liquidates Nearly All Its Holdings Of US Debt & Invests Money In Gold

WEB Notes: Just seven years ago Russia owned $180 billion dollars in US debt, today just $14 billion. So who is buying all the debt? The Federal Reserve and Americans. This further documents for you how the world, while close to be one is not there yet. This is why we will have the events of the Four Winds.

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Why Do Most Nations Use Fiat Money Today?

WEB Notes: This article will provide someone with little understanding a bit more insight into the money system. No, this is not a hint to go buy gold and silver. We already explained how you can prepare for the days ahead. After you read this, add The Money Masters to your education list.

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Why Did All this Money-Printing Not Trigger Massive Inflation?

WEB Notes: Notice what is stated about “psychology” in this piece. We have disscused that aspect many times, view at the source.

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Central Bank Gold Buying Hits Highest Level In Six Years

WEB Notes: The article states central banks may be increasing their possession of gold to move away from the dollar. In my opinion, it is yet another signal that market conditions are starting to move in the other direction. When gold rises, the economy goes south. When mortgage rates rise, the housing bubble pops.

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America Moves Closer To Being A Cashless Society

WEB Notes: Personally, I am not going to shop at a place that forces me into using some app to pay for my purchase. If cash or plastic does not work, so sorry on to the next store, for now. I understand why some companies prefer this payment method. There is no cash to account for and count, no worries of it being stolen by an employee and the list goes on. Even so, enabling a policy that is cashless only, is a grave mistake.

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Fears Rise, Diapers Vanish: Iran Currency Crash Causes Chaos

Iran’s rial fell to a record low on Wednesday as worried residents of Tehran lined up outside beleaguered moneychangers, part of a staggering 140-percent drop in the currency’s value since America pulled out of the nuclear deal only four months ago.

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My Theory about Gold and Silver for Long-Term Investors

WEB Notes: I encourage you to read the whole article, Wolf does a good job. Invest if you want, have a little on hand for the days ahead, but do not place your life savings into this stuff. Make note of his point about the dollar losing 65% of its purchasing power in his example…

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US Dollar Completely Ditched In Trade Between Iran & Iraq

WEB Notes: We continue to go through this phase, nations who choose to no longer accept the dollar in trade. The current global structure continues to struggle within itself and it will continue to do so until we see the rise of the Ten Clay Kings. Even so, there will be a Deadly Wound to that system in the future.

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Turkey Calls US ‘Wild Wolves’, Vows To Abandon Dollar In Trade

WEB Notes: The current global structure continues to fight against itself. This will continue until the global restructure which marks the rise of the Ten Clay Kings.

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Argentina’s Central Bank Hikes Rates To 60% As The Currency Collapses

WEB Notes: Argentina is trying to obtain an early release on a $50 billion loan from the IMF. Going into debt is never a good idea, Argentina’s economic woes continue and will continue considering the course they are on.

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Turkey Braces For Hard Times Amid Currency Crisis, US Spat

Some Turks are reacting with defiance to their plunging currency and an escalating trade and political dispute with the United States – an indication that they are ready to endure economic pain and risk further deterioration in a key, yet troubled alliance dating from the Cold War.

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