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The Dollar’s Purchasing Power Drops 2.9% in May from Year Ago, Fastest Drop since Nov 2011

Consumer price inflation, as measured by the Consumer Price Index, released this morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jumped by 2.8% in May from a year ago, after having already jumped by 2.5% in April.

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Even the World’s Most Cashless Nation Doesn’t Want to Go Fully Cashless

There are small but growing signs that Europe’s “War on Cash” is not going exactly according to plan. First, a number of central bankers began voicing concerns about its potential ramifications. Now, even in Sweden, the first European country to enlist its own citizens as largely willing guinea pigs in an economic experiment — negative interest rates in a cashless society — public support is beginning to waver.

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U.S. Bans Use Of Venezuela’s Oil-Backed Cryptocurrency As A ‘Scam Supporting Dictatorship’

WEB Notes: It is always the other nations who are the dictators, despite the fact that US Presidents have been signing illegal executive orders for years…

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Iran Bans Use Of US Dollar In Trade

WEB Notes: The US will not be happy about this, add another nail to Iran’s coffin. The globalists will not care much as they already control most of the currencies in the world, so it will come back around to them probably in the form of the Euro.

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People in Sweden Now at Risk of Losing Access to Notes

WEB Notes: A cash-only economy is one of the worst ideas there is. This article points out one reason and there are many more. Another being, you lose your economic freedom.

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Coinbase Tells 13,000 Customers Their Data Will Go To IRS

WEB Notes: A part of digital currencies allure is that it is not traceable, it is private, if such a thing still exists. This does not effect all users, only some.

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Iran Becomes Latest Rogue State To Develop Its Own Cryptocurrency

WEB Notes: Iran and Venezuela are considered to be “rogue” nations as they do not participate in the global financial system and are not a part of the current global structure. They along with North Korea who fits the same bill are blamed for causing many problems around the globe and they are always the focus of our attention in a negative light…

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Cash Is King No More In Germany As Plastic Money Gains Ground

WEB Notes: It is a mistake for people to give up cash absolutely. Digital money is great, it is simple and easy. However, there is always a need for cash. Always and whether you realize it or not, it is a part of your freedom.

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Bank of America: No More Free Checking for Customers With Low Balances

WEB Notes: I sure hope all our long-time readers recall these type of subjects from the past. We discussed various articles over the years along these lines. We were warned it would happen and now here it begins…

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China Weighs Slowing or Halting Purchases of U.S. Treasuries

China added to bond investors’ jitters on Wednesday as traders braced for what they feared could be the end of a three-decade bull market.

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Another Cryptocurrency Gets Hacked, Money Disappears. Here are the 30 Biggest Crypto Hacks

WEB Notes: Many people have said how “safe” these so called currencies are. The fact of the matter is nothing is safe unless you can hold it and even then it can be taken or manipulated. I would not invest in cryptocurrency unless you are willing to lose your investment. That should be common sense when it comes to investing. Do not invest more than you wish to potentially lose.

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Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos And Warren Buffett Are Wealthier Than Bottom Half Of US

WEB Notes: Can you believe that? They have more money than 160 million people combined. What is the point? They have so much money they could not spent it if they live for a few hundred years…

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