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Credit Service Shuts Down Payments On All Gun Purchases

WEB Notes: That is alright. As a customer do the business a favor when you can and pay cash. It means the credit card companies do not earn a slice of the transaction anyway.

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California Farmer Has Guns Confiscated and Faces Felony Charges After Trying to Register Rifle

WEB Notes: Another great example of the common man being punished by over reaching firearm laws. Crimminals do not care about these laws, they will possess whatever firearm they wish. That is why they are crimminals. These laws are intended to strip firearms from law abiding people, I am convinced of that. Gun control is not about controlling firearms, but controlling people.

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Santa Fe High School shooting: Suspect identified as Dimitrios Pagourtzis

WEB Notes: Unfortunately, this is becoming all too common these days. When we push aside God and call for schools that are gun free, we really are not doing ourselves any favors. According to other media outlets the shooter displayed Nazi and Communist symbols. I have not yet found any reports stating a motive or reports of the shooter being on any form of drug.

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Stand For The Second: Students To Walk Out For Second Amendment

WEB Notes: Let this be a lesson to you, one person can make a difference and if we all stood together, under God, we could make earth shaking changes.

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Suspect in YouTube Shooting Posted Rants About the Company Online

WEB Notes: When someone told me that YouTube was being shot up yesterday, I said, someone got filtered out. Turns out, that is exactly what happened. Some of the quotes from this lady are interesting. People are tired of being silenced, whether they are good, bad or otherwise. This gives one no reason to go shoot up some place or person. This is very disturbing…

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Does Gun Control Reduce Murder? Let’s Run The Numbers Globally

WEB Notes: It would be beneficial for you to read the entire piece from the source so you have a better understanding of what is being discussed. The point is, a high rate of firearms does not nessesarily equate to a high murder rate. Not all murders are caused by firearms.

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Merriam-Webster Changes Definition Of ‘Assault Rifle’ After Parkland

WEB Notes: Can you believe that? Words change over time and no longer reflect the original meaning, it becomes distorted to fit an agenda. Just yesterday I was looking at the Merriam-Webster Dictionary on the shelf in our old studio. It is from 1962 and gives an accurate definition of “easter”. Today, this is what ol Merriam-Webster has to say about easter. In the future, our children will not have the reference material some of us have. So much has changed, history has been changed and makes it difficult for one to uncover the truth of a given subject.

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New York Passes Bill To Strip All Guns From Domestic Abusers

WEB Notes: This has nothing to do with domestic violence, that is merely an excuse. It has everything to do with gun control, which is people control.

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Remington Was Turned Down by 30 Lenders After School Shooting

WEB Notes: Can you people believe this? 30 companies in the business to make money off of loans refused to provide that service to Remington due to the fact they manufacture firearms. I am willing to bet, if Remington called on the public for support they would get it. The effort being put forward to remove our rights is greater now than any other time in history.

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Graham: ‘I Want Every Democrat’ to Answer Whether They Want to Repeal the 2nd Amendment

WEB Notes: Who votes these type of people into office? Those who wish to repeal the Second Amendment are traders to the American people and the great law of the land known as the Constitution. Do you know what the oath of office is for a Senator?…

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Poll: One-Fifth of Americans Want to Repeal Second Amendment

WEB Notes: A headline like this 10 years ago would have been unthinkable. Today, it is a reality. Do not allow this idea to come to fruition. That is in fact up to you as an American. You need to educate those around you. The Second Amendment is our right, now only as a people of this nation, but our God-given right to self-preservation.

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Boy Suspended For Drawing Stick Figure Holding Gun, Knives

WEB Notes: How much farther would you like the insanity to go? How much farther? We all look at our country going down the drain and do what about it? We have more power than you realize. If the people would make their opinions known, you could make a difference and if we turned back to our Heavenly Father as a people it would make a difference far bigger than you can imagine…

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