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DeVos Signs Onto Globalist U.N. Education Agenda, Grassroots Parents Call For Her Dismissal

WEB Notes: She did not do this all by her lonesome folks, she has the President’s backing here. Despite the “news” about the US removing itself from the UN recently, we continue to see it not only participate, but build upon the sixth kingdom

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Trump Seeks To Revive ‘Arab NATO’ To Confront Iran

WEB Notes: Trump just keep digging and digging. You all remember “Arab NATO” right? Of course, you do. More globalism is what we are talking about. Another global army and this one is designed to be used against Iran. The globalists are getting there way and moving toward the next phase of their plans slowly, but surely…

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EU Official Urges Trump, Putin Not To Destroy Global Order

A senior European official on Monday urged U.S. President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and China to work with Europe to avoid trade wars and prevent conflict and chaos.

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Xi Says China Must Lead Way In Reform Of Global Governance

WEB Notes: Everyone wants to be a part of the globalist gravy train. The older world leaders are falling aside for new ones as we see occurring in Saudi Arabia, North Korea and Jordan as an example. We should point out, nations like Saudi Arabia and Jordan are already a part of the globalist structure. However, on many levels we see nations like these “becoming more like the rest of the world”.

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Merkel Urges Europe To Step Up In Trump’s New World Order 

WEB Notes: What were your thoughts when you read this one? Do you honestly think Trump is truly making America great again and turning it away from the globalist enemy?…

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‘Attack On Syria Would Be Attack On Entire UN System’ – Bolivia’s UN Envoy

WEB Notes: Did your ears perk up just a bit? They should have. The current global structure will fail, period. Yes, we have a lot of globalism today and most of the world works together for the most part. However, the world is not truly combined and this is what we have laid out in The Timeline of the Tribulation.

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Globalism: ASEAN, UN To Strengthen Partnership

WEB Notes: You all know what the UN is. The United Nations, but how about this “ASEAN” group?…

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Creepy “World Government Summit” Targets America, Freedom

Top globalists, communists, and Islamists from around the globe gathered this month on the Arabian Peninsula for the World Government Summit — yes, that is the confab’s real name — to push for what they called a “new world order.” More than a few speakers made clear that liberty, self-government, and the “America First” agenda were in the crosshairs.

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U.S. Must Accept A New, Multipolar World Order, Russian Foreign Minister Says

WEB Notes: World leaders have been calling for a change to the global structure for years and years now. The US is the primary power, there is no way around it. If it were not for the United States there would be no NATO, UN or many other global entities. We have documented that several times on our site…

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Trump, May Agree US-UK Data Sharing Deal to Benefit Law Enforcement

WEB Notes: This is globalism and it will affect you Mr. and Mrs. America. This helps to erase the sovereignty of a nation when they work this close with another nation.

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EU Launches Defense Pact In Military Integration of 25 Nations

EU leaders take part in a group photo on the launching of the Permanent Structured Cooperation, or PESCO, a pact between 25 EU governments to fund, develop and deploy armed forces together, during a EU summit in Brussels, Belgium - Reuters

EU Leaders Take Part In A Group Photo On The Launching Of The Permanent Structured Cooperation, Or PESCO, A Pact Between 25 EU Governments To Fund, Develop And Deploy Armed Forces Together, During A EU Summit In Brussels, Belgium – Reuters

WEB Notes: Read that line above their heads in the photo. The EU now has the unified army it has sought so long for, more globalism, more cooperation. Remember all the folks saying Globalism was dead about a year ago? Remember when they said “Populism” was on the rise? Remember what we said about it? You have to be able to discern the signs of the times and not get side tracked with hype. Globalism is not going anywhere, it is here to stay though the current global structure will fail at some point which simple finalizes the 6th kingdom.

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No more ‘fighting ISIS?’ US to stay in Syria to prevent ‘win’ for Assad and Iran

WEB Notes: How many of you have been paying attention? We have said over and over again now that ISIS is supported by the US and what we have seen in Syria is a proxy war against Iran. What is outlined in this article proves this once again if you are paying attention…

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