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One In Three Americans Take Meds With Depressive Side Effects

WEB Notes: You mean to tell me it is not healthy to suck down gobs of medications? You mean to tell me there are depressive side effects? Who would have guessed! I suppose all those TV commercials about medication warnings was not enough for us. On another note, no wonder suicide rates have increased 30% since 1999.

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Trump Says ‘There Is No Longer A Nuclear Threat From North Korea’ In Tweet

WEB Notes: Instantly there is no more nuclear threat? I would say there never was, but remember this administration and the previous administration told us how dangerous North Korea was. I think most of us who used our head understood the threat was far, far exaggerated.

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Food Stamp Enrollment Dips to Lowest Level in 8 Years

WEB Notes: The articles notes the numbers have been falling off since 2013. They are also working to reduce fraud, so this does not mean people are going back to work in large droves. We know that as over 95 million working age Americans are still not in the labor force.

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Feds Collect Record Individual Income Taxes Through May; Still Run $532.2B Deficit

The federal government collected a record $1,143,141,000,000 in individual income taxes through the first eight months of fiscal 2018 (Oct. 1, 2017 through the end of May), according to the Monthly Treasury Statement released today.

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Radical Plan To Split California Into Three States Earns Spot On November Ballot

WEB Notes: Radical plan? Hardly. What is radical is to allow the out of control California government to continue doing what they are doing. Hordes and I mean hordes of California taxpayers are leaving the state. So who is that going to leave over the next 10 years to pay for the debt and illegals? The Illegals…

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AT&T Cleared To Buy Time Warner In Blow To Trump Administration

WEB Notes: Everything is being consolidated it would seem. This centralizes the media even more than it is today which obviously makes it easier to control, which means… The people are easier to control.

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Jared Kushner Traveling To Israel, Saudi Arabia And Egypt To Discuss Trump’s Peace Plan

President Trump’s Middle East peace team, senior adviser Jared Kushner and special envoy Jason Greenblatt, will travel to Israel, Egypt and Saudi Arabia next week to discuss the next stages of the peace effort and the crisis in Gaza, a senior U.S. official tells me.

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Credit Service Shuts Down Payments On All Gun Purchases

WEB Notes: That is alright. As a customer do the business a favor when you can and pay cash. It means the credit card companies do not earn a slice of the transaction anyway.

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American Toddlers Are Eating More Sugar Than The Amount Recommended For Adults

WEB Notes: This does not surprise me in the least. I constantly see parents give little Johnny a sweet sugar pop to keep him quite or they throw an iPad at him. Little Johnny’s generation is going to have all sorts of problems we cannot even fathom.

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Will The Fed Set Off A Recession Alarm?

WEB Notes: Well blow me down! A recession when unemployment rates are at their “lowest”? When sales are booming and so forth and so on… I think we all know this is coming despite what the mainstream media tells us about the economy. The fact is nothing has changed since the collapse of 2007. Wait… Yes it did, the world created even more debt.

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Yes, California Has Effectively Banned Showering And Doing Laundry On The Same Day

WEB Notes: Yet some people actually trust these so called “fact checker” services. This should make you think twice!

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Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls for War in Korea if Kim Doesn’t Agree to Complete Denuclearization

WEB Notes: It is no secret, Graham is on Team Warmonger. He already has the papers ready to go if Kim Jung Un does not comply with their efforts for peace. Now that is negotiating peace looking down the barrel of a gun.

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