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Downtown LA Hit With Outbreak Of Flea-Borne Typhus

WEB Notes: This is pestilence my friends. I would encourage you to read Deuteronomy 28.

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U.S. Withdraws From International Accords

WEB Notes:And when he was strong, the great horn was broken“. This headline on one level should remind you of Daniel 8:8. We all know there will not be any true level of peace, Scripture has made that clear for us, (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

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1-In-3 Pass ‘US Citizenship Test,’ Just 19% For Americans 45 And Younger

WEB Notes: We could sit here and blame the generation being spoken about and part of the blame certainly lands on them. But what does this say about our education system? These people do not know our history or values because they are not taught. Instead, this nation now removes historical monuments that get in the way of the “reality” they wish to teach. As they say, history is written by he who controls the pen.

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Christian College Restores Ban On Homosexual Relationships After Backlash

WEB Notes: I tell you what. The big boys will always look after the big boys. I do not believe the “board of trustees” ever stood against the homosexual agenda. I believe they are providing themselves cover, this happens all the time at this level….

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Supreme Court Rejects Challenge To Tennessee’s Pro-Life Constitutional Amendment

WEB Notes: This would be a victory for the people.

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Study: 1 In 3 US Adults Eat Fast Food Each Day

WEB Notes: And you wonder why America is so unhealthy? You wonder why they are hooked on meds? Fast food is garbage food. In fact, friends don’t let friends eat fast food. I suppose there are a couple joints out there that are not bad, but most of them sell products that I do not consider to be “food”.

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Shopping Mall Vacancies Are Highest in Seven Years After Big-Box Closings

WEB Notes: We have been talking about this subject for years now. This is not just an economic indicator. This is an indicator of online business. Did you really think all that Amazon business was not going to cut into “local” retailers?…

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U.S. Begins Training Turkish Troops For Patrols In Syria’s Manbij

WEB Notes: Did Syria get a say in the matter? Nope. They are not inline with the globalists, that is the entire reason why their country is being attacked by the globalists.

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This Bull Market Run Has Echoes Of The Late 1920S

WEB Notes: We all remember what happened in 1929, the Great Depression. We are being setup for another scenario, the question has always been when. You may want to reference our recent article titled, “Next Crash Will Be ‘Worse Than The Great Depression’“. By the way…

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U.S. Reaches Trade Deal With Canada And Mexico, Providing Trump A Crucial Win

WEB Notes: A victory for Trump, but what about the American people? Will this bring us more jobs? Will it lower our costs on goods? Probably not. More NAFTA, which is globalism. It amazes me the degree of brainwashing that has taken place in this country. In the 90s people fought like crazy to keep NAFTA from becoming a reality. Today, they embrace the President who just re-negotiated it…

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Governor Brown Vetoes Fake News Bill, Calls It ‘Not Necessary’

WEB Notes: This is probably the first thing Brown has done right.

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Caravans Of Illegal Immigrants Continue Pouring Over US-Mexico Border

WEB Notes: Ignorance! Our nation has hampered itself over a piece of paper, called “law”? They catch the illegal and then must process them in our nation, then release them in our own country. Only a fool would have such a law. Disgusting and disturbing. Those who do not seek to change this are in fact the enemy and no wall is going to change it. We could simply, with a stroke of a pen change our future, but instead we want to go further in debt to build a wall, an idea from the stone age. Foolish.

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